Class of 2020 Scoutlook: Memmelaar is Light on His Feet, Heavy on Possibilities

Incoming freshman Gaard Memmelaar presents . Trevor Mueller looks in depth into the guard's skill set and how he projects as a future Husky.
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Growing up on a farm in Idaho, incoming Washington freshman offensive lineman Gaard Memmelaar learned hard work from sun up to sundown.  He is a perfect blend of a physical player and protector that the Huskies can develop into another NFL-ready lineman.

Size: At 6-foot-4, Memmelaar appears ideal for a guard. His 300-pound frame has room to put on more good weight at the next level.

Speed: Memmelaar is lightning quick off the snap. His first step is aggressive, allowing him to get into the chest of the defender. He has above-average speed for an offensive lineman and runs more like a linebacker than an O-lineman.

Strength: He will be one of the strongest players on the field. His real test will come when he steps up against other extremely talented players.

Hands: His hands are active and violent. Memmelaar doesn’t look to stay engaged with defenders, but to knock them to the ground and move on to the next player. In pass protection, he uses his hands to push D-linemen off balance.

Feet: Memmelaar has elite footwork. If he were a basketball player, he moves like he is in the low post. He remains consistently balanced and continually chops his feet.

Football IQ: Memelaar is more than just a mauler. He stays patient in pass protection and reads the moves of the D-lineman. Once the defender starts his progression, Memmelaar will knock him off balance and often put him on the ground. When run blocking, he often sheds the first defender and moves to the second level, enabling big gains.

Scoutlook: Memmelaar plays violently. Every move he makes after the snap is deliberately aggressive as he explodes into defenders. He is so quick out of his break that he can engage a D-lineman before the other guy has gotten out of his stance. He moves differently than most O-linemen in open space or when pulling. Memmelaar is an impressive prospect who is vastly underrated based on geographic location and the talent around him. He does not give much ground in pass protection because of his strength. He still must be developed as the competition gets better in fall camp. With his skill set and raw ability, his ceiling is very high.

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