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Class of 2020 Scoutlook: Jalen McMillan, More Than Speed for the Huskies

Jalen McMillan is lightning quick. Trevor Mueller looks at the speedster's game to show he is much more than fast. He compares favorably to several Husky greats -- most recently John Ross.

Incoming University of Washington freshman wide receiver Jalen McMillan has that invaluable component -- speed. 

Trevor Mueller of Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated looks at the newcomer's game to show he is much more than fast. McMillan compares favorably to several Husky greats -- most recently John Ross.

Size: At 6-foot-2 and 182 pounds, McMillan is on the higher end of an average college wide receiver.

Speed: McMillan possesses elite speed for the D-1 level. He quickly eats up the corner’s cushion, forcing the defender to turn his hips early.

Strength: He has average strength coming into college and has the potential to gain 10 to 15 pounds without losing his speed.

Hands: Like most high-end receiving recruits, McMillan has soft hands. He high-points balls in double coverage and has strong hands to maintain possession when contested. He catches the ball away from his body to allow for more yards after the catch.

Feet: With quick feet and explosive steps, McMillan separates himself from other receivers. He can explode to top acceleration quickly. With the ball in his hand, he breaks down with fast chops before exploding by a tackler.

Football IQ: McMillan understands route schemes and takes what the defense gives him. He has a keen awareness of where the first-down marker is and will break off a route when needed. With the ball in his hands, he understands how to set up blocks and is patient as the play develops.

Scoutlook: Jalen McMillan is one of the more exciting receivers to come through the program. He has blinding speed that will make him a big-play threat whenever on the field. He will be a contributor on day one if he can prove to be a successful blocker because his ability as a pass-catcher is ready for Saturdays.

Husky Comparison: John Ross