The Lonely World of an Injured Husky at Spring Practice

Starting offensive tackle Victor Curne deals with some sort of ailment and the inactivity that comes with it.
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Victor Curne stretches. 

The starting right offensive tackle winces while he does this.

The 6-foot-3, 335-pound junior from Houston briefly chats up Scott Huff.

The offensive-line coach playfully throws a few air punches at him.

Curne already took a hit that hurt.

It's why he's off to the side now.

He gets into a stance.

It seems like  an ordeal.

He does this just once.

Mostly, the big Texan stands and watches University of Washington spring football practice from afar.

It's a lonely world out there for the incapacitated.

He's sidelined with an undisclosed ailment,.

Curne is left to entertain himself as his teammates engage in a two-hour workout.

This has been his routine for a week now.

He climbs onto an exercise bike.

He bides his time while watching others fill in for him.

Previous Huskies bragged about how they talked their way out of spring practice.

Too many classes.

The track team beckoned.

They made up lame excuses that worked.

Curne would rather be playing.

This is the unglamorous side to football, the injury part.

Curne shows up for practice, yet he doesn't.

It's boring, monotonous.

The coaches want you at practice if you're physically able.

Yet they don't want you anywhere near anything that will keep you injured. 

Curne is left to let time heal what bothers him.

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