UW Announces AD, Coaching Salary Cuts, Furloughs to Combat COVID-19

Dan Raley

University of Washington athletic director Jennifer Cohen, football coach Jimmy Lake and men's basketball coach Mike Hopkins have agreed to take 5 percent salary reductions and waive all 2021 contractual incentives to help the school offset the financial impacts of COVID-19, a spokesperson said Friday.

In a statement, Cohen said this was being done in order to maintain all 22 of the UW intercollegiate sports and corresponding programs.

Cohen makes $750,000 annually, with retention and goal-meeting bonuses topping out at another $170,000 if reached.

Lake, a first-year Husky football coach, was expected to make $3 million this year. Hopkins, the three-year UW basketball coach, was making $2.5 million after a contract extension and raise in 2019.

Assistant coaches will take 3 percent salary reductions while more than 150 staff members will accept 2- to 4-week furloughs. 

"While these decisions are difficult, this shared sacrifice from our coaches and staff allows us to continue the momentum our student-athletes, coaches, fans and Tyee Club donors have built," Cohen said. "We have significant challenges ahead, but we remain hopeful that our Husky family will come alongside us to support our students and teams that bring so much pride and joy to our community."

The cutbacks will provide a $5 million savings in staffing budget and an $8.5 million reduction in operating budget. 

The school also said that Lake and Hopkins would contribute $100,000 each to assist in the hiring of a new senior-level diversity and inclusion staff member. 

Cohen, shown in the video in much happier times welcoming Lake as her new football coach last year, will provide $50,000 for a fund that supports medical and mental health services, student academics and other programs that advance athlete development. 

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