Scoutlook Preview: 2020 WR Sawyer Racanelli is Back from a Year Off

Trevor Mueller

After missing out on his senior year because of an ACL injury, Sawyer Racanelli is ready to prove he is healthy enough to play at the next level. 

With his rehab and the talent of the other receivers in the incoming Washington recruiting class, Racanelli might be overlooked. 

"It is easy to forget about how good Sawyer Racanelli is," said Jake Grant, co-host of 4th and Inches, a Husky Podcast. "He plays the game so well. He is so fundamentally sound he will be able to fine tune his game at the next level." 

Racanelli has good size for a D-1 receiver that enables him to line up inside or outside.

Husky Maven/Sports Illustrated's Trevor Mueller takes a look at his game and explains what makes him such an intriguing talent. 

Size: At 6-foot-2 and 208 pounds, Racanelli is the bigger wide receiver that the Huskies have been seeking over the past half a decade.  

Strength: Coming into college at over 200 pounds as a receiver puts Racanelli in a different category. He plays like a linebacker and can overpower defensive backs.

Speed: His straight-line speed is not blinding, but he has quick feet. He changes direction well and separates from the DB.

Hands: Racanelli has excellent hands. He can catch every ball thrown from fades to bullets across the middle. He handles the ball with his hands before bringing it into his body.

Feet: Racanelli separates himself as a receiver with his deliberate footwork. He runs tight routes and can stop very quickly. He makes quick cuts and runs precise routes that get him open.

Football IQ: His football foundation is solid. Racanelli shows his understanding of the game by how he runs his routes. He disguises his moves until he explodes away from the coverage.

Scoutlook: Sawyer Racanelli is a precise route runner with fantastic footwork. He can run every route on the tree and has the toughness to go over the middle. His floor is high and he most likely will be a very productive receiver. The sky's the limit to what he can become.

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