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Is West Virginia Still a Tournament Lock?

The West Virginia basketball team was a lock just a couple weeks ago, but now are they in danger of being on the bubble?

The Mountaineers started the season off, well on the winning side of the equation. After every game, Mountaineer fans waited patiently to get inside the top 25. It wasn't until the middle of December that West Virginia would first crack the top 25 and they have yet to drop out.  After Monday nights loss to Texas, the Mountaineers are now in danger of falling outside of the top 25, but should fans be expecting worse?

If one thing is for certain, a team that has won one game out of there last six is primed for panic. The amount of panic depends on several factors. One, who is in charge? Two, what is the issue? And three, can it be fixed in time for March? That is, if West Virginia makes it to March. The issue now is obvious, the Mountaineers are no longer a tournament lock. What once was a team vying for a one or two seed, is now in full out panic mode.  

What we do know?

The selection committee is human. Meaning the committee will certainly allow the recency effect to come into play when looking at the Mountaineers resume. The recency effect is where humans tend to recall the most recent information the most accurately. Recency bias is very relevant in all sports, but even more so, a sport that is voted on with some sort of bias in place.  Having said all of that, if West Virginia doesn't get some wins in their last three games, feel free to smash that panic button.

Losing to Kansas at home and on the road doesn't help either. Oh, and getting somewhat dominated by Baylor in Waco doesn't classify as a signature win. Surely, a win in Cleveland over No. 2 Ohio State should do the trick, right? Nope, thanks to the simple fact that the Buckeyes have since dropped to No. 23 (18-9) and have seemed to pass whatever plague to the Mountaineers.  The Mountaineers are still in the market for that signature win. With the now No. 2, Baylor Bears coming to Morgantown to end the regular season, all hope isn't lost. 

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The Mountaineers remaining schedule consists of - Oklahoma in Morgantown, Iowa State in Ames and Baylor in Morgantown. Three games that aren't going to be for the faint of heart. Sitting at 19-9 and 7-8 in the conference, the Mountaineers certainly are in danger of missing the tournament. 

It's important to remember, the ship isn't sinking just quite yet. Talent remains present on this very young team. And Bob Huggins is still the man in charge of this team. There is still time to figure this thing out in time for the Big 12 tournament and March Madness.

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