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New OC Graham Harrell Gives Brief Evaluation of Each WVU QB

West Virginia's new play-caller offers some early thoughts on the quarterback competition.

Thursday morning, new West Virginia offensive coordinator joined Dan Zangrilli on the Mountaineer Inside Podcast. He talked about how he landed the job, his initial thoughts of the program, relationship with head coach Neal Brown, and what he sees in his three young quarterbacks.

Nicco Marchiol

"Nicco I got to recruit a little bit while I was at SC, so I know him a little more than I knew the others. He's a kid I know a lot of people are excited about, we're excited about. He's super talented and he's got a lot of tools that you need as a quarterback. He's got great energy and great leadership qualities."

Garrett Greene

"Garrett is an athletic kid that can run around and make some plays. I've seen just a little bit of tape on him but the athletic side of things, that just adds an extra dimension that defenses have to prepare for."

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Will Crowder

"I've gotten to watch a little bit of practice tape or scrimmage tape of Goose and I liked what I saw. He's a really good looking kid from the little highlight reel that they made for me of some of the stuff that he got to do this past fall. I really liked what I saw, I think he has a chance. He's built the way you want to be built and just in spending a short amount of time with him, what I think most excites me about Goose is that he just has a presence that you're looking for in a quarterback. When Goose walks into the room, you know he's there. It's a presence that you're drawn to but at the same time, it's not like an arrogance. That's what I think kind of when you're looking for a quarterback, kind of what I would build him as is that. In the couple interactions I've had with him, you can feel that from him. He has the feel to be an elite quarterback."

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