Quick Hits: Revisiting Garrett Greene's Outing, Injury Update, Depth at RB + More

WVU head coach Neal Brown met with the media on Tuesday afternoon.
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Revisiting Garrett Greene's outing

"I think it was a mixed bag. First of all, I was really proud of him because he tends to get really excited and I thought he handled himself really well in that regard. I remember when he played against Eastern Kentucky last year he got a penalty one time. I thought he was under control and I thought he showed some maturity. I thought his run decisions were really good when he decided to run. He missed some pre-snap reads that he probably should have thrown four or five more passes in the RPO game. His vision when he scrambled, I thought was really good. He had a great throw down the field. With him, it's going to be a mixture. You don't want to contain what the best thing is about him which is his ability to freelance and ability to make plays on the run. But you also don't want him breaking out every single time. So, we're working on finding kind of a happy medium. The encouraging thing is the things that weren't exactly what we want, we can get corrected."

Depth at running back 

"We need somebody to step up for sure. Tony [Mathis] and Justin [Johnson] will kind of jockey to see who will get those two reps. Tony is coming back off a minor injury and he missed the Maryland game. I thought he was rusty. I thought he missed two big runs, but he had a couple of quality runs too. I thought Justin for his first college action was okay. He had one really good blitz pickup, he had two really good runs but he probably had a couple that he would like to have back. I thought there was some flashes there. I thought Justin was a little ancy, Tony was a little rusty. So, we'll see who gets those secondary carries by how they perform this week."

LB Lance Dixon

"He's making progress, he can really run. He's got to be more consistent but he's done a nice job on our kickoff team. He's got to cut down on some of the mental errors but he's really athletic and is probably as fast as anyone we have on defense."

Mike O'Laughlin injury update

"Yeah, it's a hope. He did some things yesterday, he's going to practice today so we'll see where that goes."

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