Score Predictions for West Virginia vs Kansas

Schuyler Callihan


Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 38, Kansas 13

With Les Miles not being on the sidelines for Kansas, this gives the Jayhawks virtually no shot of keeping this close. I don't believe that it would have made much of a difference, but it can't help them with him out. 

Kansas' defense is one of the worst in the country and has yet to force a turnover through the first three games. West Virginia will not be afraid to take chances down the field and I expect them to hit on a couple of big plays. This one gets away from the Jayhawks very early.

Jonathan Martin: West Virginia 34, Kansas 17

West Virginia appears to be in a much better place than Kansas.

Coming off a solid win two weeks ago over Baylor, the Mountaineers return home - with fans in the stands - against the Big 12’s worst team.

Expect a steady dose of Leddie Brown and a few more deep balls than in the previous weeks. This shouldn’t be close. 

Zach Campbell: West Virginia 42, Kansas 10

I stopped just short of saying “poor Kansas” but, they’re not looking any better these days. Their last two opponents have dropped a combined 94 points and that’s after dropping their season opener to Coastal Carolina. At home.

Now the news comes down that Les Miles won’t even travel with the team to Morgantown due to health concerns. Hatter-less Kansas is not a good Kansas, to say the least. Meanwhile, the Mountaineers are coming off a bye week following a gritty defensive-led win over Baylor. The Mountaineers are healthy and are plussing-up with a number of transfer players who will see their first action after clearing waivers.

In short, there’s not much one can expect from Kansas in Morgantown on Saturday. The Stills brothers and this ravenous Mountaineers defense should see to that.

Chris Hall: West Virginia 38, Kansas 10

The Mountaineers are feeling food after pulling out the win against Baylor a couple of weeks ago. 

This week against Kansas, it's not so much if West Virginia will win but by how much? 

The defense had an impressive performance in their last outing holding Baylor to just 27 yards on the ground. However, to take a step forward, they'll have to play at that same level against Kansas, not to win the game, but to show they can consistently play at a high-level.

Offensively, the running game has made a complete turnaround a year ago, and appears that Leddie Brown and company are getting stronger as the year goes along. Yet, it's the passing game that needs to take a step forward and prove they can push the ball downfield through the air with the deep pass.

West Virginia will win, albeit it's Kansas, as a team they continue to take steps forward as they start the five consecutive conference game gauntlet. 

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Chennai Express
Chennai Express



So this Zach Campbell bro has our MOUNTAINEERS scoring exactly NO POINTS ?!? Weak bro. Sad, too.
Typo ???
Leddie & Sink will SHREAD the prairie chickens DL & Doege throws 4 TD's before HCNB goes to 'Noodle-Arm' Kendall, who immediately throws 2 INT's. Then Garrett Greene & Tony Mathis Jr. come in for a few 4th Quarter clean-up TD's.
Book it. Let's GO !!!