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Breaking: 100 Thieves Will Not Participate in ALGS Year 4

The 100 Thieves will not be taking their spot in the Year 4 ALGS despite having chosen a new roster for the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League.

100 Thieves Leaves Apex Legends Global Series and will not be in the Year 4 ALGS

  • 100 Thieves had a team lined up for the Year 4 ALGS, but decided not to move forward with the roster.
  • They cite the current structure of the ALGS and inability to break-even on Apex Legends as some of the reasons for the exit.
  • In the Year 3 ALGS 100 Thieves participated in all three tournament LANs placing 14th, 8th and 35th.

100 Thieves will not be participating in the Year 4 Apex Legends Global Series. The organization had even put together a roster for the upcoming ALGS circuit, but like many other endemic teams that have stepped away from the ALGS (Team Liquid, NRG). Some of the reasons stated included the current structure of the Apex Legends circuit and the inability for teams to break even.

100 Thieves ALGS Performance

Throughout Year 3 ALGS 100 Thieves did have a presence at each of the major LAN Tournaments, but they never placed higher than 8th place and came in 35th out of 40 at the 2023 Championship in London.

Following the conclusion of the Year 3 Apex Legends Global Series, 100 Thieves dropped their entire roster. There were rumors circulating that popular streamer iiTzTimmy and his group The Dojo would be picked up as their new roster.

Timmy and the Dojo

Timmy and The Dojo had earned a place in the Year 3 ALGS Championships by winning the Last Chance Qualifiers for North America and despite some early doubts from fans went on to place 4th overall. During the performance they went toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names and teams in the Apex Legends Pro Scene, including ImperialHal and the TSM.

100 Thieves Vice President of Esports, Jacob Toft-Andersen shared in a Discord message, “Maybe we’ll dive into it at a later date in more detail, but out of principle we didn’t want to continue the ALGS with how it was structured. We had a team for the 2024 season that we were super excited for, but it felt wrong moving forward when we have been hyperattentive on making eac title break-even and worked closely with most developers to make sure that they understand and listen to our feedback.”

It remains to be seen what will happen with their Year 4 ALGS Pro League spot which should default to the roster, but which has since disbanded.