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It was a short weekend for the Apex Legends Global Series with only one day of play. Even so, there were tense moments and major plays that went down in the ALGS. From Hardecki in Gaimin Gladiators going berserk mode, TSM returning to form and a straight 3 v 3 in a final circle. The Apex Legends Pro League was popping off and here are some of the best moments.

Hardecki Goes Hard

It was a great day for the Gaimin Gladiators in the Apex Legends Pro League following some mediocre to bad placements the last two weeks they played. Week 1, Day 2 they took 9th place overall in Group A vs C for the EMEA region despite an impressive 19 kills spread across the day. Week 2, Day 1 they came in 18th overall in Group B v C with only 6 kills across 6 games.

Week 3 was a whole different story as Gaimin Gladiators took first overall for Week 3 in the EMEA without any wins and only breaking down top four, twice with a 2nd and 3rd place. How? With an astounding 34 kills across the six game series. Konstantin "Hardecki" Kozlov was in beast mode as he laid down the damage. Check out this clip from Match 5 in the EMEA series where Hardeck picks up 3 kills, 2 assists and pumps out nearly 700 damage in under 60 seconds.

When the third team pushes in on Hardecki who has less than 10 HP and two downed teammates he nearly clutches the victory after cracking two of them.

JLINGZ Takes Highground

JLINGZ Esports from the United Kingdom demonstrated the importance of zone information and getting there first in Match 6 of the Apex Legends Pro League. The final circle came down just shy of Thunder Watch in Storm Point and JLINGZ had a god-spot over both FUT Esports and Vexed Gaming.

Their positioning on the high ground at Thunder Watch not only had them closer to where the circle was ending, but both FUT and Vexed would need to fight uphill against one another towards JLINGZ and do so mostly out in the open. It’s not often you get free shots on two enemy teams as they’re taking each other out.

This win with 8 kills propelled JLINGZ into second place for the day, only 6 points shy of Gaimin Gladiators and 7th place overall in the EMEA so far. You can check out the clip here

TSM Returns to Form

Also this week in the Apex Legends Pro League, TSM and ImperialHal fans got a treat as the ALGS Split 1 Playoff Champions finally got their Nessies in a row. After some lackluster results the previous weeks, TSM proved they can adapt and start their climb back to the top.

Overall, they took fourth for the day, but were only 10 points under Complexity Gaming who took first for the day. ImperialHal and his squad managed to pull out two first places for the day, one of which had 15 kills under their belt out of a total of 25 throughout the day. But the rest of their games weren’t so impressive. They also went out at 18th and 17th place with no kills, had a top 10 with 3 kills and a 7th place with zero.

As impressive as their first game was, there was still a lot of room for improvement. Their change in composition saw ImperialHal switch back to Horizon, which means the team lost the ability to gain information on where the next ring would be. This means without accurate ring predictions they’ll have to fight into the zone more often and while it won’t always work out for them, they do have the skill to come out on top. Check out their 15 kill win in Match 1 of the NA ALGS this past weekend.

A Friendly Duel

Apex Legends and battle royales in general are known for their frustrating third parties. In the Apex Legends Pro League, it’s not uncommon to have fourth circles with 10-14 teams still up or final circles with 5+. But in Match 5 of the EMEA, it was down to just two in the final ring, a perfect 3 versus 3 match-up between SAF and Passion, two orgless teams in the ALGS.

The fight took place just north of the Prowler Dens in Storm Point on the river. SAF on the north, Passion on the south. Both teams had more than enough space and cover to work with. The final circle ends in the river, but SAF had a bit more of an advantage with high ground cover on the rocks on the north side of the river.

Both teams were running the same team composition between Seer, Catalyst and Valkyrie. Both Seer and Catalyst ultimates are game winners, but Seer’s ultimate is a counter to Catalyst. With both teams having access to the same toolkit, it was going to come down to who could hold their ultimate the longest or, which team could get a lucky pick.

SAF tried to split apart on the north side of the river to find some good angles to flush Passion out. But decides that’s the best time to engage with a Catalyst Dark Veil ultimate that cuts across the river to give them cover from SAF. They push in on Kajetan "Laakki" Rodziewicz, but his teammates still have high ground and a care package RE 45. They down Younes "Horizxon" Elkherrat quickly and though Laaki falls, SAF is able to clean-up and take the win. You can watch the full final circle here.

Where and when to watch ALGS

The ALGS Pro League continues every weekend on Saturday and Sunday until the end of May. Tune in on the official Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube Channel. And for all your questions about how the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League works, check out our summary here.