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Along with Apex Legends newest update, the Sun Squad Collection Event, comes a brand new Limit-Time Mode called Heat Wave. Heat Wave will be available to play for the duration of the Sun Squad Collection Event and may even find its way into the Mix Tape playlist. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play and win at Heat Wave, including some of the best Legends to pick.

How to play Heat Wave

The new Heat Wave LTM is pretty straight forward, it plays just like a normal match of Trios would and it takes place on Storm Point. However, every so often a heat wave will hit and any player who is outside and not under some type of cover will start to damage as if they were in the ring.

This means you’re going to want to plan your rotations close to indoors or with trees and canopies for cover. It’s also going to force teams into each other even more in certain POIs like Cascade, Command Center, Fish Farms or anywhere else with small buildings and houses. There’s no more taking cover outside unless you have the meds to survive.

There are a few other ways to help keep yourself cool and safe. Heat Shields are still available in this game mode and according to the Apex Legends developers, they’ve received a bit of an upgrade in Heat Wave.

But the biggest boon you can get for Heat Wave comes out of a Care Package drop. In Heat Wave only, when a Care Package hits the ground there’s a chance you can get a special pair of sunglasses out of it. Wearing sunglasses protects you from the heat, so Care Packages are extra valuable even beyond the RE-45 or Kraber you might pull from it.

The Best Legends to Beat the Heat

There are two traits in Apex Legends that are going to help out the most during Heat Wave. Those two traits are movement and item acquisition. There are far more Legends that have useful abilities and will be beneficial to anyone who plays them, but a few have abilities that the entire party can take advantage of.

The Best Movement Legends for Heat Wave

The biggest advantage to Legends in this category is getting your squad into cover as fast as possible when a Heat Wave hits. For that reason, any Legend that can cover a lot of ground very quickly is going to be a boon to your team. Octane with his jump pad, Pathfinder with his ziplines, Valkyrie with her Skyward Dive or Maggie with her Wrecking Ball. Even Wraith’s Portal can be useful, though it takes longer to set up than the others do.

But one of the most powerful Ultimates may actually be from Ash. Her ultimate ability allows her to teleport forward creating a breach and portal that allies can follow you through. What’s nice about this ultimate specifically is you can aim and drop it through windows or across big gaps if need be. Any number of these legends in a squad would make for quick rotations, fast ground traversal and would be great for taking cover when the heat hits.

The Best Legends for Supplies

Besides being able to get around quickly and efficiently, you’re also going to want to make sure you have plenty of supplies like syringes, med kits, shield cells, batteries and most importantly, heat shields. Any of the support Legends will help in this regard as  blue supply bins tend to have a lot of meds and will often have heat shields if you don’t already have them.

Loba in particular is going to be a major boon. Her Black Market ultimate ability will allow her to grab supplies from further away and most importantly, in the safety of buildings away from the heat. She can also use that ultimate to steal from Care Packages without even going near them. Plus, her tactical ability is great for getting around and can sneak in through windows and get to high places easily.

Honorable Mention: Defensive Legends

Finally, you may also want to consider a defensive Legend for your squad line-up as well. With everyone seeking to find cover during Heat Waves, it’s very likely plenty of fighting is going to be happening in-doors. Having a Caustic, Rampart, Wattson or Catalyst to keep your opponents outdoors is going to have them feeling the heat. They’ll have to choose quickly if they want to stay outdoors and take damage, or push in to fight and take damage. It’s a win\win for your squad either way.

The Heat Wave Limit-Time Mode is part of the Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event. It begins on March 28th and ends on April 11th. Check out some of our articles about the Event, including all of the new Legendary Skins and how to collect them.