Does Apex Legends Have Cross-Progression?

Apex Legends players are concerned about their progression but cross-progression has finally arrived.

Apex Legends has continued to grow as a powerhouse in the battle royale scene thanks to each season's exciting new content. But if you are hoping to grind the competitive side of the game or collect skins, you may be wondering if Apex Legends has cross-progression.

Cross-progression is when you carry your in-game content and progression to different platforms. For example, let's say you started playing Apex Legends on PlayStation 4 but have bought a PC and want to start grinding with mouse and keyboard. Would you be able to pick up where you left off?

Does Apex Legends Have Cross-Progression?

Apex Legends recently got cross-progression!

Apex Legends Quads

Apex Legends is cross-platform, which means that you can play with friends on different consoles. That's why fans were a bit disappointed to learn that cross-progression wasn't a thing — until Ignite released in October of 2023.

There was an exception, however. If you play on Steam or the EA app, two PC platforms, you can carry your progression in full between the two. This means you can start on Steam but switch to the EA app and still have all your levels, skins, and battle pass progression.

For every other gamer, including those switching from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, you previously would have to start over completely when you switch systems. You'd have to start at level 1 and have no cosmetics.

When Is Cross-Progression Coming to Apex Legends?

Cross-progression is here as of October of 2023. It rolled out with Ignite, which is Season 19.

How to Use Cross-Progression in Apex Legends

When you switch platforms in Apex Legends, you will get all of your previous levels and skins. This excludes some platform-exclusives, however, like PS+ Pack Items from PlayStation only. Your process will be linked including currency and battle pass.

Cross-progression should automatically work. Basically, it's connected to your Apex Legends account. This means that when you log into your Apex Legends account on a new device, you should automatically see all of your levels and skins. If you have more than one account, they'll merge together, keeping badges and achievements from your higher account.

Check out a full guide here.

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