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iiTzTimmy and the Dojo Prove Haters Wrong at ALGS Championship

iiTzTimmy and the Dojo have a stellar performance at the ALGS Championship. Other 'content creator' teams such as Disguised Toast and Moist Esports find moments to shine as well.

ALGS Results: iiTzTimmy and the Dojo place fourth in the 2023: Apex Legends Global Series Championship

  • iiTzTimmy and The Dojo took fourth place at the ALGS Championship, earning $170,000 in prize money.
  • During the tournament The Dojo contested Alliance in Thermal Station and won every time, forcing Alliance to choose a new drop-spot mid-tournament.
  • Among the many teams that iiTzTimmy and The Dojo fought against and won were Alliance, TSM and NRG.

After earning their way into the Apex Legends Global Series Championship popular Streamer iiTzTimmy and his team The Dojo proved all of the haters and naysayers wrong. The Dojo punched their ticket to the ALGS Championship LAN by winning the North American Last Chance Qualifiers. At the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, amidst tough competition, iiTzTimmy and the Dojo ended the tournament in fourth place, taking home $170,000 in prize money.

iiTzTimmy and a Hero's Journey

The 2023 Apex Legends Global Series wasn’t iiTzTimmy’s first foray into the professional scene of Apex Legends. Back in 2019, he was signed to Golden Guardians and eventually, would leave the scene and look for a new org to sign with as a content creator.

Timmy has been very open about his early experiences in the professional Apex Legends scene and the effects it had on him while trying to balance a growing streaming career. Earlier this year he released a video on YouTube explaining the early struggles with expectations, mental health and how he’s learned to deal with those problems.

This was the same time iiTzTimmy announced he would be finally returning to professional Apex Legends and competing in the Challenger’s Series for a chance to compete in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship.

In an interview with Raynday from the ALGS Analyst’s Desk prior to the finals, he explained, “There were a lot of people who doubted him…[iiTzTimmy] knows this is a prove myself moment and even though I’ve proven myself in all these other areas…there’s still this very important thing that iiTzTimmy has set out to do.” Raynday compares iiTzTimmy’s story to the hero’s journey as he sought to prove himself more than just a content creator.

Setting Expectations for the ALGS Finals

Even iiTzTimmy had tempered his own expectations amid the doubt on social media and being labeled as a ‘content creator’ team. When we spoke to iiTzTimmy prior to the start of the ALGS Championship he had said, ““We talked about it with my team already and we said okay we’re a new team we’ve been together for two months, so we shouldn’t win the tournament, our minimum expectation is to make finals.”

Timmy said that if they could solidify themselves as one of the top 20 teams in the world, “We should be proud of each other for that. But obviously, we want to just win the tournament and do better than just getting to the finals.”

While the Dojo didn’t walk away as champions, they showed the world that they have what it takes to compete and that they’ll be a threat going forward. They contested Alliance on World's Edge in Thermal Station, winning every single fight and forcing the European team to change drop spots later on in the match.

They had firefights with legacy teams such as NRG and TSM and came out on top proving they have the skills to match other top-tier teams. The Dojo even hit match point in the same match as TSM, who would eventually go on to win the championship.

iiTzTimmy Proves the Haters Wrong

While iiTzTimmy had plenty of support from his fans going into the ALGS Championship, there were plenty of those who doubted his team. That’s not to say that Timym didn’t have the skill to compete, he has proven himself a titan in the Apex Legends streaming space time and time again.

But professional Apex Legends is a different beast to Ranked Mode, even as a Masters or Apex Predator player. You’re going up against teams that have played together for years and by iiTzTimmy’s own admission, he had only been with his team for a few months.

But their performance put those doubts to bed with fans on Reddit giving Dojo the respect they earned. One Redditor, Erebea01 commented, “Them, TSM and Optic made today the best ALGS yet.”

Andreggvil posted, “I know Dojo didn’t win, but they should be extremely proud of themselves for how far they’ve come from LCQ. Getting 4th in such a stacked lobby is nothing to sneeze at.”

Even Hakis from Alliance mentioned on his own stream how the contests against Dojo in Thermal Station should have gone their way. “All three games, we had the advantage on the contest. We landed ahead of them, our strategy was better than theirs, and we got guns every single time.”

When chat asked Hakis if he was surprised by how well iiTzTimmy played, Hakis responded that iiTzTimmy plays for 15,000 people every day and that big streamers are built for this.

Content Creator Teams: Disguised Toast & Moist Esports

Along with The Dojo, this year of the Apex Legends Global Series has given rise to the term ‘content creator teams’. Teams that are being funded by, or led by individuals who are most recognizable as major content creators.

As a streamer first, iiTzTimmy is seen as a content creator first and a professional second, despite that even other big teams and players such as ImperialHal from TSM are also streamers.

Moist Esports is a team that was brought together by massive streaming names like Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White Jr. and Ludwig Ahgren. Disguised Toast who made their debut in the ALGS Championship after earning their way in at the North American Last Chance Qualifiers. Popular streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang signed the team under his name.

Despite being seen as ‘content creator’ teams, both of these squads still performed admirably. Moist Esports placed 12th in the Championship, but took two top 5 finishes in the finals.

Disguised Toast, even though they didn’t make it to the finals, had some impressive moments throughout the tournament. Including a winning game that saw them finish with 10 kills, a feat that few teams are able to accomplish in a professional tournament setting.