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Apex Legends Kill Code Part 3: 7 Things You May Have Missed

Apex Legends ongoing Season 18 video series Kill Code releases part 3 and with it comes a lot of surprises and easter eggs.

Apex Legends Released Kill Code Part 3: What Does It Mean?

  • In Kill Code Part 3, the Legends join forces with Revenant to try and track down his head before it can be used for nefarious means.
  • The rift between Valkyrie and Loba continues to grow as Loba’s need for vengeance against Revenant is strong as ever.
  • The video contains many easter eggs including a hint that Lifeline’s Heirloom Recolor may be the next up.

Apex Legends has released the third part of their Kill Code limited-video series. It continues the story of Season 18 Resurrection story of Revenant’s rebirth. After Part 2 ended with Revenant leaping at Crypto, we find that a group of Legends including; Lifeline, Mad Maggie, Loba, Valkyrie and Crypto are interrogating Revenant.

They know that Hammond Labs has Revenant’s head and with it, they can choose to control him. The Legends decide they need to take out the head and destroy it if possible, but Loba wants the head to remain safe so that Revenant can’t die and must continue to suffer as he his, alive. You can watch the full Kill Code: Part 3 here, as well as Part 1 and Part 2.

But the Kill Code Part 3 video has a few things that fans might miss on their first watch, so here are a few things you should watch out for.

Lifeline’s Recolored Heirloom

Ever since Wraith got her heirloom recolor, fans of every Legend have eagerly been awaiting new versions of their favorite Legends signature weapon. Especially for the earlier Heirloom bearers such as Wraith, Lifeline, Octane and Bloodhound, since they don’t have the same level of unique animations as new heirlooms.

In the trailer fans may notice that both Lifeline and Crypto use their heirlooms, but we get a much better look at Lifelines. It could just be the lighting, but Lifeline's signature shock sticks look black instead of silver, the tips which are normally blue look silver and a significant part of the handles look yellow whereas they’re normally blue.

Lifeline in Apex Legends 'Kill Code: Part 3' video holding a possible heirloom recolor of her Shock Sticks.

Possible Lifeline recolor for her heirlooms, the Shock Sticks.

Could this be a hint that Lifeline may be getting a new heirloom recolor soon? There has already been significant speculation that Lifeline is getting a rework similar to Revenant Reborn. Multiple creators including Thordan Smash, have made several videos about possible leaks from reliable sources.

Since Revenant got his recolored heirloom during his reborn event, perhaps Lifeline will receive one during hers, if it turns out to be true.

Loba and Valkyrie’s Ship is on the Rocks

Ever since her introduction in Season 9, Valkyrie has been very flirty and forward with Loba. Their relationship started in some of the in-game comic events shortly after she entered the game. And while a lot of players are big fans of the pair, their relationship has been on the rocks for a season or two.

Valkyrie has been working behind Loba’s back and teaming up with Revenant in hopes that Loba might one day let go of her grudge and stop it from consuming so much of her life. In Kill Code Part 3, Valkyrie goes against Loba and tries to destroy Revenant’s original human head with the other Legends.

You can see the hurt and betrayal on Loba’s face when Valkyrie stands side by side with Revenant saying, “Sorry, Darling…”

Valkyrie and Loba from Apex Legends 'Kill Code: Part 3'.

Is Loba and Valkyrie's relationship coming to an end?

Some people may hope it’s something they can get past, but at the end of the video when Valkyrie has the head and the Legends stand victorious over the security forces of Hammond Lab, Loba asks her to hand it over, echoing the same pet name, “Darling…” but with much more malice as she places her hand threateningly on her pistol.

While this moment is broken up by Silva showing up and stealing the head, the consequences of Valkyrie’s actions, however well-intentioned, will be dire for the pair.

Is Apex Hinting at a PvE Mode?

Over the years there have been several rumors and leaks about Apex Legend adding in new game modes that are less about PvP and more about players working together against the environments and other enemies.

When Storm Point was added, it came with the first non-player enemies that could engage and potentially send you back to the lobby or at least make your life in a team fight much worse.

Some of the Apex Legends stand against a Titan in 'Kill Code: Part 3'.

Revenant, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, Valkyrie and Crypto face down Hammond Labs security.

Thordan Smash has made several videos about a potential Goliath-type enemy on Storm Point and in Kill Code Part 3, the Legends are framed in a heroic way against a large Titanfall-type mech.

It wouldn’t be the first time Apex Legends has had a cooperative PvE mode. In Season 5 when Loba was introduced there was a questline that players could participate in as they tried to track down Revenant’s head and had to fight shadow-prowlers.

Flying Liars Album?

When the Legends first enter Hammond Labs they’re trying to sneak in with Revenant’s body, but unfortunately one of the desk receptionists turns out to be a big fan of Lifeline and her band the Flying Liars. You can even hear one of their songs playing on the radio in the background.

Could Apex Legends possibly release a full album of Flying Liars songs in the future? It wouldn’t be the first, or even second time a competitive game like Apex Legends has done so.

Overwatch released an Album from popular DJ Hero, Lucio and any fans of League of Legends know how massive KD\A and other LoL-universe musicians are.

New Enemies Abound

In Kill Code, Part 3 Titanfall players may notice an old enemy unit that is new for Apex Legends players. When Mad Maggie manages to nab Revenant’s Head she’s confronted by a few Ticks, autonomous anti-personnel robotic weapons, that first appeared in Titanfall 2.

These aren’t like your usual loot ticks, however, and are primed to explode when they get close to a player. They’ve shown up in a few leaked and rumor videos in recent months and some creators think they may show up in a new town-takeover event in Season 19 or 20.

Mad Maggie and explosive loot ticks in Apex Legends 'Kill Code: Part 3.'

Mad Maggie facing down some explosive ticks.

Loba’s Ult Has New Perks

One of the coolest moments of the Kill Code Part 3 video is going to make Loba mains very jealous. In the video, she uses her Black Market Ultimate to steal a gun away from a robot and use it on them.

Near the end of the video, Eduardo Silva does the same thing, using the black market to grab Revenant’s human head. In the game, you can’t take something from a player who already has it equipped.

But it’s not the first time a trailer has been used to tease the functionality of a Legend ability. When Catalyst was introduced, her ultimate ability showed her blocking Seer scans. Don’t expect this Loba feature to follow that trend as being able to steal weapons directly from your enemies would be extremely overpowered.

This is just an example of finding a creative way to use in-game abilities in a more cinematic fashion.

Revenant’s Story Isn’t Over

Despite this being the third installation of the Kill Code series, it looks as though Apex Legends is just warming up. Hammond Labs was the first to secure Revenant’s Head and put him in his new body, but their reasoning so far seems to be that they just wanted to use him as an assassin again.

When Eduardo Silva leaves with the head he says, “Don’t worry I’m only borrowing it.” Then calls Revenant by his real name, Caleb as he adds, “I think you’re going to appreciate what is to come,” hinting at the fact that perhaps Silva’s agenda goes further than just using him as a simple assassin.

If Apex Legends keeps up the work narratively into the next few seasons as they have with Season 18: Resurrection, Apex Legends fans new and old are in for a lot of surprises.