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Season 17 is around the corner, bringing Ballistic along with it. But the new legend and the large amount of Collection Events are not enough to keep players satisfied at this point. The amount of cheaters has become overwhelming to pros, streamers, and casual Apex Legends fans alike — and they are demanding solutions.

A lot of gamers have argued that Apex Legends’ anti-cheat is just not cutting it, especially when they see what’s possible with other games. Most recently, Call of Duty’s anti-cheat Ricochet has been the target of envy for Apex Legends players.

Apex Legends Demand Better Anti-Cheat

Ricochet announced a huge upgrade earlier this month, implementing impressive techniques like disarming Call of Duty players who are caught cheating. On Reddit, one Apex Legends player wondered why Respawn Entertainment can’t roll out something like this.

“Just wanted to show what CoD is doing to their cheaters. How is it that the competition can do a better job at banning and humiliating cheaters, while Apex just lets them run rampant and ruin it for the rest of us?” the player wrote.

Some Call of Duty players responded to the thread by stating the new upgrades to Ricochet are still in their infancy and don’t work perfectly at this time. But Apex Legends players insisted that the attempt is better than nothing at all.

“Every new tech has to start somewhere so it can improve. It looks like CoD is ahead of the competition, so unless they are planning on renting it out to everyone, it's a good idea for everyone to start working on something like that as well,” one Apex Legends player ranted.

It’s not only gamers sharing their thoughts on Reddit.High-level players and popular streamers have continued to complain about the massive amount of cheaters and hackers in the gunfight-focused battle royale. Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff recently demanded that cheaters even get jail time, clearly fed up with running into cheaters while streaming for 12 hours a day.

What is Apex Legends’ Anti-Cheat?

Apex Legends currently uses a software called Easy Anti-Cheat. Unfortunately, this system doesn’t seem to be impressing the player base.

It should be noted that Respawn Entertainment hasn’t been doing nothing. Developers have banned millions of players since the game was released back in 2019. In 2023, the game has already banned over 770K players.

But gamers are asking for more to be done, like immediate punishments for anyone caught hacking or harsher treatment for offenders.