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The Call of Duty League Major 3 is here, which means it's time to select your fantasy pick 'ems. With teams making significant changes to their roster, as they adjust to the new game of Modern Warfare 2, this week is sure to bring interesting selections for fantasy choices. Here are the four CDL players you should consider selecting for your fantasy team.

You can make your very own selections and


Teams will be rewarded based on their rosters' performance throughout the stage. The scoring formula takes into account individual player statistics as well as overall team performance. In addition to player and team performance, the following bonuses will apply.

  1. You have a total budget of $25 to spend on your four players
  2. You can only make one submission

Call of Duty League Major 3 Schedule, Bracket, Updated Scores

Who Should You Select for Your CDL Major 3 Fantasy Pick 'Em?

Here are the four you should select for your Fantasy Pick 'Em team.

$9 Simp - Atlanta FaZe

Simp has simply been one of the most consistent players in the Call of Duty League. Being in the Slayer role next to Cellium as a flex has helped maximize the efforts of both players. While it's tempting to take Cellium at $10, we can save that dollar for the later picks and still have a solid fantasy pick to anchor the team. Scoring the third most fantasy points in the CDL pick 'ems in Major 2 helps solidify this decision.

$7 Nero - Boston Breach

This is where saving that dollar comes in handy. Being able to acquire Nero, a slayer in his own right, to pair with Simp, will give us strong SMGs to pair with other roles on our fantasy team. With Methodz retiring, Nero is in line to help carry the Breach alongside Owakening. Scoring over 400 points in the Major 2 Fantasy Pick 'Em, the potential for Nero to pop off is extremely high.

$5 Arcitys - Los Angeles Guerrillas

While Arictys hasn't fully got going yet this year, he's been an integral part of why LAG has been performing as well as they have, despite having three challenger players alongside him. A flex player that can take over any game at any given moment, Arcitys at $5 feels to good to be true and we could see him go off and carry LAG in Major 3.

$4 Mack - Seattle Surge

Here is where it gets dicey. Seattle Surge had an awful Major 2, and Mack, in particular, found himself struggling, especially in SnD. But this feels like a nice time for Surge to regain and surprise us. Mack has had a few highlight moments throughout the CDL this year, and with the two top players on the Fantasy Pick 'Em team, followed by Aricitys, Mack could be a quality sleeper choice. 

Full Fantasy Pick 'Em Selections

How Much Does Each Player cost for Major 3 Fantasy Pick 'Em?

  • $10 Cellium
  • $10 HyDra
  • $10 Scrappy
  • $10 aBeZy
  • $10 Afro
  • $10 Drazah
  • $9 Pred
  • $9 Simp
  • $9 Owakening
  • $9 Envoy
  • $9 Bance
  • $9 Octane
  • $9 Dashy
  • $8 Kismet
  • $8 Skyz
  • $8 Insight
  • $8 Standy
  • $8 SlasheR
  • $8 Kenny
  • $8 Vivid
  • $7 Sib
  • $7 Asim
  • $7 Attach
  • $7 Preistahh
  • $7 Assault
  • $7 Shotzzy
  • $7 Nero
  • $7 Exceed
  • $6 Brack
  • $6 Temp
  • $6 TjHaLy
  • $6 CleanX
  • $6 JoeDeceives
  • $6 DanGhosty
  • $6 Beans
  • $5 Vikul (Capsidal)
  • $5 Cammy
  • $5 Havok
  • $5 MajorManiak
  • $5 Arcitys
  • $5 Skrapz
  • $5 Huke
  • $4 Nastie
  • $4 Clayster
  • $4 Mack
  • $4 Prolute
  • $4 Accuracy
  • $4 PaulEhx

How to watch Major 3 of the Call of Duty League?

Viewers can watch the 2023 Call of Duty League Major 3 in Arlington, Texas, through the Call of Duty Twitch channel. The CDL Major 3 will take place every Friday-Sunday over the course of four weeks.