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Be the GM: Predicting the 2023/2024 Call of Duty League Teams

What could the CDL teams be next year and where do players land?
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Rostermania is in full speculation mode as we await confirmation of rumors that are swirling around the Call of Duty community. The top four teams (Subliners, Ultra, FaZe, and OpTic) all appear to have their rosters locked in. But with nothing set in stone until the pen hits the paper, anything can still happen.

There are several extremely talented players that are free agents and are looking for new teams for the 2023/2024 Call of Duty League season. Not just that, but Challengers offers many intriguing options to upgrade rosters.

With that, we dive into what the rosters could look like for the next CDL season. Here's my thought on how Rostermania could play out in the coming weeks. This is not intel — just speculation of what the best options could be for each team.

Atlanta FaZe

  • SMG: Simp
  • SMG: aBeZy
  • Flex: Drazah
  • AR: Cellium

This roster feels all but locked in after speculations over the course of Rostermania. Arguably the best trio is sticking together while adding one of the best SnD players in the CDl in Drazah. 

If there were any questions about who the most dangerous SnD teams were last year, that can be put to bed with this roster. Drazah is a complete player in most facets of the game and will add another element to the team that it was missing last season.

Boston Breach

  • SMG: Snoopy
  • SMG: Kremp
  • Flex: Beans
  • AR: Clayster

With Snoopy signing a contract with Boston to stay on the starting roster for next season, the question is who will join the rookie. After an up-and-down season for the young team, they showed glimmers of potential but need that true IGL.

Boston added AR rookie Beans prior to Major 3 and was a promising addition for the rest of the season. Whether it was the sniper or the TAQ 56, Beans was showing tons of potential and deserves his spot in the CDL.

Adding another rookie to the team for Major 4, Kremp had flashes of being a problem for teams. Pairing him with Snoopy would be best for the team's growth as an up-and-coming SMG duo.

Keeping the young core of three together should be the main focus for Boston. Finding the right fourth is the key to finding success next year. There were rumors circling around the Media Room at Champs that Clayster will be the AR they turn to, moving Beans to more of a Flex position. The experience Clayster brings will be monumental to the development of the young players in front of him.

Florida Mutineers

  • SMG: Vikul
  • SMG: Nero
  • Flex: Owakening
  • AR: Brack

This is where the "what in the world" type teams begin. With rumors of the Florida Mutineers becoming the Miami Heretics and becoming a Spanish team hot and heavy throughout the season, it now appears that won't be happening. But it's the CDL, and anything can still happen.

So with that, we have to go off of what the best possible scenario will be if they remain the Florida Mutineers. It seems clear that the team wants to build around Vikul, which is smart because he brings a high-potential slaying ability and some IGL in the comms. He and Nero would be a deadly combination with their slaying potential.

Adding Owakening back to the roster after spending the prior two years with Florida would help put this roster over the hump it was in last season. The other connection with Nero could help quickly grow the team chemistry early in the season.

Moving Brack to more of a prominent AR role rather than a Flex would benefit Florida. Jacob Hale said on Twitter that the team would be building around Brack (and Vikul), keeping the duo on the same roster again next season.

London Royal Ravens

  • SMG: Hicksy
  • SMG: Asim
  • Flex: Nastie
  • AR: Abuzah

After last season, London team-wiped its squad that consisted of Asim, Nastie, Skrapz, and Uli. With the rumors surrounding whether or not they'll move cities, it's very uncertain which direction they'll take with their team. Until the top teams make their decisions, this is the best guess I can make.

Hicksy had a promising rookie season after joining Toronto in Major 3. A dirty-work-type SMG, he's great at playing the objective as the entry sub, which is something London missed last season.

Asim has a ton of potential that you could see throughout each match despite the rough outcomes. He can be the slaying SMG, focusing mainly on putting up big kill numbers with Hicksy doing the dirty work.

Nastie showed last year that he can put the team on his back in certain moments. With another year of experience and the right core around him, he can be a solid flex for a team. He and Asim were the two bright spots in what was a dreadful season last year.

Adding start Challengers player Abuzah would complete the EU team. The highly talked about young up-and-comer would add another element to the London team with this squad.

Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • SMG: JoeDeceives
  • SMG: Vivid
  • Flex: iLLeY
  • AR: Arcitys

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding LAG after the drama during the season. With the rumors that Arcitys is no longer under contract and despite one of the worst seasons of his career, they could still bring him back to find players to build around him.

As a rookie last season, JoeDeceives showed a lot in terms of slaying potential. There were several instances of him slaying his opponents and making things easy for his team to win the match. They should keep him rostered and continue to build chemistry with the veterans.

Despite being moved in and out of the roster on Boston, Vivid can turn up at any moment. He didn't exactly show consistent slaying last season but would be a good sub duo for the youngster JoeDeceives.

Rumors have been circling around iLLeY and Arcitys pairing up as a team. After being dropped from OpTic during the last season, iLLeY needs to find a new home. And what better place than with someone like Arcitys?

Los Angeles Thieves

  • SMG: Afro
  • SMG: Huke
  • Flex: Ghosty
  • AR: Attach

After winning a World Championship the year prior to last, it's going to look a lot different after a top 8 finish at last year's Champs. Envoy has announced he's moving on, Octane retired, Drazah is heavily rumored to FaZe, and it's uncertain where Kenny will land.

In comes a brand new roster. After both Afro and Attach went in and out of the lineup for Minnesota, they could look to team again on one of the more popular CDL teams. There were many moments last season of Afro going crazy with kills, and Attach is a perfect veteran to keep him paired with.

After joining OpTic in the middle of last season, Huke and Ghosty both showed flashes of greatness. The comms and gameplay Ghosty brings would be great to pair with a veteran like Attach, and the slaying Huke brings alongside Afro could be lethal.

Minnesota Rokkr

  • SMG: ReeaL
  • SMG: Fame
  • Flex: Priestahh
  • AR: SlasheR

After wiping their entire team, it's right to question the direction Minnesota could go with their roster. Do they bring some of their players back with new contracts, or do they go in a completely different direction?

ReeaL and Fame have played together on Rokkr's Academy team, with Fame getting the call-up to the starting roster prior to Major 4. Getting the young SMG duo back together would be great for their development if they pair them with the right veterans.

Coming off of a World Championship, the rumors are Priestahh and New York couldn't get a deal done and could part ways. It's been said that he and SlasheR are a likely duo for next season, making for a healthy dose of young talent and veterans throughout the roster. 

New York Subliners

  • SMG: HyDra
  • Flex: Sib
  • AR: Skyz

The World Champion New York Subliners could look a little different when they start next season. Their core three are rumored to stay intact, but with Priestahh likely finding a new team, they'll need to find a new Flex.

After Sib was dropped by Seattle, he would be a great fit to take that team even higher. He and Pred were the two stars on their team last season, and getting Sib to a strong core of a roster would be terrific for his young career.

If HyDra and KiSMET stay in Championship like they were for the majority of last season, this team could win more titles than they did in the MW2 season (3).

OpTic Texas

  • SMG: Shotzzy
  • SMG: Pred
  • Flex: Kenny
  • AR: Dashy

There's zero doubt that OpTic is disappointed with how last season finished. With two 2nd place finishes and an early exit at Champs, they're going to be looking for two stars to replace Ghosty and Huke, who they dropped after the season.

We all know what Shotzzy is capable of, and we've seen Pred carry an entire team to victory. Imagine these two SMGs slaying on the same team. It's going to be nearly impossible to stop both of them and even if you do, you're still going to have to deal with Dashy.

Adding the former World Champion Kenny to go alongside Dashy would be a terrific pickup. Kenny would be your IGL that they're missing after Ghosty was dropped. Kenny's former LAT teammate Octane said that he is the "best CoD mind ever," which is high praise and something OpTic would be missing if they don't get him.

Seattle Surge

  • SMG: Bance
  • SMG: Gwinn
  • Flex: Cammy
  • AR: GodRX

There is a lot that's still up in the air with Seattle. After team-wiping their squad, there were rumors of them moving to Vancouver, where the Titans (Overwatch) play.

Bance and Cammy have teamed with each other since 2019, when they joined Toronto together. They're a duo that (likely) wants to stay together, and why not? That chemistry can be hard to find anywhere else.

Speaking of chemistry, Gwinn and GodRX are coming off a Challengers Championship victory after defeating Team Notorious in Vegas at the 2023 CoD Champs. Seattle did let go of Gwinn as a sub after the season but would benefit from bringing in a rookie like him.

Toronto Ultra

  • SMG: Envoy
  • SMG: CleanX
  • Flex: Scrap
  • AR: Insight

Despite not finishing the season how they wanted, Toronto had one of the best years they could have hoped for. Scrap had one of the best rookie seasons, finishing as the Rookie of the Year. Keeping him with CleanX and Insight, who have played together for the past few seasons, would be ideal to continue their journey for a World Championship.

There are many saying that Envoy is joining Toronto, and it's looking all but certain that it's going to happen. He posted his farewell to LAT while also previously turning down an offer from Boston. If these Tweets from the two Orgs don't solidify that, I don't know what will.

Vegas Legion

  • SMG: Standy
  • SMG: Capsidal
  • Flex: Temp
  • AR: WarDy 

Vegas has put itself in an interesting spot after releasing the entire team. After being dropped by Toronto during Major 3, Standy and the entire Vegas squad found new life and put themselves in a spot to compete at Champs.

Despite a valiant effort, they fell just short. Clayster went on his stream saying that if this team were together all year, it would have been a different story. That said, with Clayster moving on, they should be looking at bringing back Temp, the veteran, and the slaying dirty work player Standy. Keeping them together would be huge to gain team chemistry quickly.

Capsidal had his moments last year with Florida. Towards the end of the season, he was frying, helping his team to wins no one thought was possible.

WarDy played one match last season with New York after they gave him a shot to step in for Skyz in Stage 5. He's one of the more sought-after rookies this offseason, and getting him with a mixture of young talent and veterans would be a good start for his CDL career.