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Fastest Way to Rank Up in Modern Warfare 3

Ready to prove your skill in the latest Call of Duty? Here's how to fly up the ranks as fast as possible in MW3
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With Modern Warfare 3 launching today, many players will be looking to fly up the ranks as fast as possible. As always in Call of Duty, there are a few tricks you can do to maximize the amount of XP you earn in-game. By using different game modes, Scorestreaks, and a few other techniques you can make leveling up as easy as possible.

Best game mode for XP

In Modern Warfare 3, one of the best game modes for ranking up fast is Ground War. This is simply down to the fact that a Ground War match has more players and more objectives, giving you more opportunities to earn XP and rank up.

Ground War

Rank up fast by mapping Ground War

In Ground War, there are five flags to capture, giving you two more than a normal Domination match. While this allows you to get more XP from capturing the flags, it also gives you a greater chance of getting attacking and defending kills. These kills while you’re near a flag give you more XP and therefore allow you to level up faster. Ground War also gives you more XP whenever a teammate spawns on you. This is literally free XP just for playing the game mode.

In addition to Ground War, Search and Destroy and Kill Confirmed are also great game modes to secure the most XP possible. While Search and Destroy is more methodical and a much slower pace, each kill gives you a larger amount of XP. So if you’re a top tier player, then Search and Destroy may be the way to go. However, if you’re looking for the usual fast paced and exciting Call of Duty gameplay, then Kill Confirmed is a great alternative. Kill Confirmed gives you a lot of XP for picking up the tags, and combined with the high opportunity for kills, this is great for XP.

Scorestreaks > Killstreaks

Scorestreaks are another great way to earn XP in Modern Warfare 3. By changing to Scorestreaks instead of Killstreaks, this will force you to play the objective more. Thus earning more XP, and ranking up faster. You should also be using the UAV and Counter UAV as your scorestreaks. 

These Scorestreaks will earn you more XP, but also be extremely beneficial when it comes to finding enemies and getting more kills in a game. With a UAV in the air, you will earn 50 XP for every kill someone on your team gets. This is perfect for Ground War, as with the extra players in the game you’ll be earning a lot of extra XP.

With these tips, you should be able to rank up extremely fast in Modern Warfare 3, and unlock all the best weapons in the game as soon as possible.