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CDL Pro Beans Gives Three Tips For Winning On Asilo SnD

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Everyone who plays Ranked Play on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is trying to find ways to win more games and gain SR to move up in rank. Improving your game and finding the right strategy is a question that players of all levels need to answer. How do CDL Pros strategize, and what plays are they making throughout matches?

We spoke with Ben "Beans" McMellon to discuss a game mode that he's found a ton of success in - Asilo Search and Destroy. He gives you the plays he makes throughout the round and how he gets his team setup to help his team secure the win.

Tip #1: For SnD, you don't need to be aggressive.

For SnD, you don't need to be aggressive. Play it slow and work as a team. Have someone work the left side by the tower to watch over half of the map, with one planting, another near him for cover, and the last in the top-bar.

It's a very team-based map. It's not a map where you can do your solo stuff and run around as much as you want because there are two very big open sides, and then there's one very enclosed small space which is easy to see from, especially on defense. That map for Ranked Play, unless you're running a 4-stack, it's a little bit hard. Don't isolate yourself too much and play the rounds, especially on offense, not so quick. You don't have to run at them in their spawn. You can work a side, whether it's the weak or strong side. If you see someone tower, you can go work there, get a pick or something like that. Just playing around your team is the best way to do it.

Furthermore, sending a capable player to the left-hand side looking at the tower can provide some extra information and maybe allow for a pick.

It depends on a lot of teams, but a lot of teams do have that island player on the left-hand side looking toward the tower. That's normally where I'll play. I'll look for any information in that A-Control area and try to get a kill and then help the guys get into the bomb site and get the bomb down. From there, you just need to play the post plant.

Tip #2: Make sure you have an SMG player grabbing the bomb to plant at B and sit inside to watch the bomb site. 

Make sure you have an SMG player grabbing the bomb to plant at B and sit inside to watch the bomb site. Have an AR sitting on the cliff watching over everyone and another in the yellow truck to provide cover from below. The last player can be roaming for information and kills with an SMG.

Have a guy in the bomb site with a sub after he's laying the bomb down, sitting in there hoping for the best and to try and get an angle on someone. Then you'll have a guy on the yellow truck or on the deep cliff and just working people trying to get an angle and waste as much time as you can because you don't need to get any checks on the bomb as long as the guy on the bomb is still alive. You can play selfish, and then once the guy on the bomb dies, obviously, you've got to wrap over, but there are some spots you can check from. The yellow truck is a good one. You can sit inside of it and then jump out, get a check on the bomb, and get back inside, so there are some good spots you can sit in.

Tip #3: Have one player roam B for information and hold an angle for any flanks. 

Have one player roam B for information and hold an angle for any flanks. Make sure two players are staying around the lower portion of A, with a guy sneaking up to top money.

A is a rough defense. Normally you will send the guy into the bomb or at least around there somewhere. Then you have a couple of guys working around the A-Control area, like towards the tower, maybe getting into their top mid through the walkway. Then a guy just playing solo around B side on the AC.

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