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How to Dominate Hotel Search and Destroy: Win With CDL Pro Slasher

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Throughout the Modern Warfare 2 season, Atlanta FaZe has been known as the best Search and Destroy team in the game. Their game plan and the way they work together as a team have been something other teams have tried to study and take ideas from. But what is that exactly and how are they so successful this consistently?

SnD is one of those game modes you either love to play or struggle with and are very inconsistent. It's a much slower pace than Hardpoint or Control and it's all about staying alive and gathering information on your opponent. If you and your team aren't on the same page and just running and gunning, you're likely going to have a hard time throughout that game.

What's the right strategy when you get on Hotel SnD? Slasher breaks down the attacking and defending game plan that will help the average team win more rounds.

You've been a pro for a long time, but you got players that might not know what they're doing and need a little assistance when it comes to the strategy on Ranked Play. What's your strategy on SnD Hotel on attack?

I'm known for running defaults so I'll give you a little default, nice little spread the map, play for picks, wait for information, and make sure you communicating with each other. You want to get bodies spread across the whole map. One left, one right, maybe a guy mid, and then someone assisting somewhere else and you're just waiting for the enemy team to make a mistake or hit something without information and then once you get that info on where they're at, you can make a play off of it. If they're stacking kitchen side, you can work the bedroom bomb. If they're stacking bedroom, you can team hit kitchen. It's all about that mid-round adjustment. Getting information during the round with your teammates is super important.

What about when you're defending? You probably have to play a little bit slower when it comes to defending, but you're on Hotel SnD - What's that strategy, whether it's pre-plant/post-plan, what are you doing there?

On Hotel, it's important to not let them plant the bedroom bomb. Kitchen is a tough retake but I feel like if you let them get the bomb bedroom, it's over if you're on defense. I think either stacking bed or stacking middle and keeping all eyes on that bomb, being able to nade them off or retake as they're planting, because when the guys planting, he's basically taken off the map and you're a four on three. I would definitely, at all costs, do not let them plant bedrooms.