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How to Dominate Asilo Control: Win With CDL Pro, Bance

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A game mode that continues to cause problems for players in Call of Duty Ranked Play has been Control. El Asilo being one of the maps that Control has played on has been tough for most players because of its wide open area on both sides of the map and close-quarters gunfights inside. 

A team that has been dominant on Asilo Control throughout the MW2 season has been the Minnesota RØkkr. With the final Major currently happening, they are 10-2 on the map and game mode. If there is anyone to take advice from in the scenario, it's someone from Minnesota.

What's the strategy that's best for Asilo Control? Bance breaks down the game plan that will help the average team win more rounds.

Let's talk Asilo Control strategy. Let's start with the attack. What's the first setup you guys are making, and how does that all gonna work?

I feel like the meta has changed on Asilo control now. It used to be everyone would rush straight to A to guarantee the cap. But I feel like now a lot of teams are playing for the mid-map control and baiting the enemy team into searching for them in the mid-map, and then you decide from there on what site you want to go to, depending on the kills. A lot of teams do that, and you get dragged into trying to search for them in mid-map, and then you're four-dead, and they're already on B. If you're playing for your kills, play selfish because then you're going to get some kills, and you can choose which site you want to go to.

Don't rush to one side of the map or the other. Play the mid-map and play off of the kills to decide which point you want to hit first.

Setting up on A, let's talk about that first. What's the overall plan that ranked players should be looking out for?

When you're capping A, the only guy you need to be pushed out, or anywhere, is top radio. Everyone else can stack the point because they have to run through doorways, so they can't do much running through a doorway. As long as you have someone top radio, you're good on the point. Just hide, stay down. You don't really need to chall much. Get someone on the box, someone radio, and you're good to go.

Make sure to have someone on top of radio (or satellite, whatever you want to call it) and the rest of your team holding angles on the point.

You just capped A. You're trying to get over to B. What's the plan when you're attacking there?

When you're trying to attack on Ailo for B, it's a tough one. Everyone struggles with it. I feel like we're pretty good at capping B, and I feel like we kind of know. I can't give you too much, but I'll give you a quick rundown, though. For us, we try to get our building control. We call it white to our spawn building control. You have someone around there looking down, and then you have another AR around glass (our top bar), then the SMGs work together, get into Cubby, and then you kind of cut across straight onto point because the two ARs, from where they are, spawn people out. Plus, they can shoot over you. As long as you get an SMG onto the box on B, the AR can shoot over the whole thing. That's the way we think about it. Obviously, when it comes to Ranked Play, spawn trap. Get on top and get on top of party, get on top of the deck and start just picking people off.

Get an AR to top white, an SMG to box, an AR watching over him, and your last teammate being a menace.

Let's talk about defending now. How are you trying to break A?

It's difficult in ranked play, let alone in the league. It's something a lot of teams struggle with. That's where your teamwork really has to be on point because that guy radio is gonna give you some trouble. What we try to do is try and bully for gym and what we call checkers - both the low doorways because the guy top radio can't really shoot you, and you're able to contest the point, slow down, and team-shoot the people that are trying to challenge you. You distract the guy radio for someone else to try and pick him. That's what you have to do. All I'm trying to do is distract the guy radio, trying to shoot him from different angles because if you're taking one-on-one gun fights, you're just not winning it.

Teamwork is key. Double chall checkers, distract the guy radio for your other team to pick him off, and keep the point contested.

B is an interesting one. You have many different setups that you get. What's your plan for trying to defend B?

To begin with, you need someone in their white. You spawn trap them a bit further out so it's long for them to get to the point. You have a guy top AC who can see all over the soccer field and the shooting over the guy that's top white. They have those two working together, and then the last two are roaming, sitting in your bottom cubby, sitting top party or top kitchen just being annoying, shooting people in the side for the first wave and then just getting pushed up. When it comes to defending B, you need to value your lives and make sure you're taking the same sort of challs, make sure if teammates start dropping, you wait because as soon as you get four dead and they get on that spawn trap, you've lost the round.

Get someone by their white building for the spawn trap, another top AC to watch over everything, one playing cubby, and the other pushing up. Don't ever go four dead. Stay patient.