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How to Dominate Fortress Hardpoint: Win With CDL Pro, JoeDeceives

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A map that can be difficult for players since the beginning of Ranked Play has been Al Bagra Fortress. Specifically, on Hardpoint, it has multiple hills that are tough to break, but if you have the right strategy, you can retake hills and lock them down with the right setup.

One of the Call of Duty League rookies that have shown he can slay on Fortress Hardpoint has been JoeDeceives. In a recent match against the Minnesota RØkkr during the Stage 4 Qualifiers, he dropped 38 kills and a +2.53 K/D, being an absolute demon throughout the entire round with this strategy.

What exactly is that strategy for Fortress Hardpoint? JoeDeceives breaks down the game plan that will help the average team win more rounds.

Let's talk a little strategy for Ranked Play to help out the average player. What's your best strategy for Fortress Hardpoint?

The biggest point is - rotate to P3. That is a guaranteed 60 as long as you don't throw your life away. In anything, Ranked, CDL, Challengers. That's 60 seconds or at least 120 seconds that you get from P2 to P3. Especially in Ranked, use your tacs. A lot of people in Ranked don't run trophies and you can nade them, and throw stuns at them. Even if you have Battle Hardened on, it still stuns you for a second, so you'll still be able to get that kill if you time it correctly.

Use your tactical equipment and make sure you are rotating timely to P3.

You're on P1 going to P2, or let's say you're going from P4 to P5 - At what time are you thinking about rotating? 

35. If you have scrap and you have a decent lead, you can play for that scrap. If you need to get out and it's a close game, then I would always rotate at 35, especially from alright P5 to P1 for example, if you guarantee the P2 spawns, then you'll have P1, which most people don't ever get 60s on, and then you have P2, which is a hard hill to break, as long as you play it correctly. Especially in P5 to P1, try and get out, play for those P2 spawns and then play the map out.

Consider rotating with 35 seconds left on the old hill. Play the scrap time if you have a decent lead. Otherwise, get out and guarantee spawns on the new hill.

You have your three teammates with you. What's the setup for your teammates and yourself? What's the overall plan?

P1, for example, one guy on time, one on back stone steps, another P2 blocking that spawn and then one just going rogue, pushed out wherever he wants. That's just how it works. You just have that one guy popping two pieces, three pieces. Then I'm never going to spawn out.

Have one person on the hill, while one holds spawn, the other watches over the hill, and the last roams the map for kills.