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How to Watch the World Series of Warzone Global Finals — Schedule, Players, Format

The World Series of Warzone finals are this weekend, and here’s everything you need to know

While we’re in the peak of the Call of Duty League offseason, we still have some incredible competition on Warzone. The World Series of Warzone Global Finals take place this Saturday, September 16th and will see some of the best players in the game go head to head for $600K in prize money. Here’s everything you need to know including the format, teams and schedule.


The World Series of Warzone Global Finals will follow the same format as previous World Series of Warszone events. This means that we will play six maps following the normal one point per kill and placement multipliers. This will then be followed by a SoloYolo game, where all 150 players will be playing against each other and not in their teams. All games will be played on Warzone 2's Al Mazrah, keeping to the exact same ruleset as the qualifying events and regional finals.

The team portion of the World Series of Warzone has a $500K prize pool, with $100K for the SoloYolo. The split of prize money for each placement can be seen below.

Team Captains

NA Region

  • Almond
  • Aydan
  • JoeWo
  • Hisoka
  • Nickool
  • Envader
  • Vonbot
  • EBatez
  • Smixie
  • Swagg
  • Biffle
  • ZLaner
  • Tenux
  • Braxtvn
  • Sherro
  • Intechs
  • NateDoggBeast
  • Reedr
  • Clowhn
  • TheDezmond
  • Huskerrs

EU Region

  • SavyUltras90
  • Jukeyz
  • Meekz
  • Stewo
  • FifaKill
  • Echo
  • Jamafando
  • 2Stronkk
  • ItsCored
  • Ayzenlr
  • Warsz
  • Methodzsick
  • Stukex
  • Klavsen
  • Flexz
  • Shukz
  • Roocket
  • Infernal
  • Tony Wh1te
  • TacticalBrit

Expansion Regions

  • Sirius
  • Lukinas
  • Robson528
  • Izund
  • Xizx7
  • Deus Amir
  • Pandatvmx
  • CZR
  • Zepa

Schedule & How to Watch

The tournament will start at 3pm BST (7am PST) on Saturday, September 16th. With seven matches of Warzone to play, we can expect this event to last around six or seven hours. You can watch on the Call of Duty Twitch or YouTube Channels, and every player competing will also be streaming their individual POV.

This is the first ever LAN World Series of Warzone event, so we are unsure of how the event will flow. However, if it’s anything like previous online World Series of Warzone events, we can expect high class gameplay and exciting action throughout.