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Typically, on the main stage, you can expect a little extra gas on the fire when the Los Angeles Thieves take on the Atlanta FaZe. Thursday, during Major 3, there wasn't just gas on the fire - there was a full-on explosion. 

Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat has vocally criticized teams using sound equalization and utilizing GAd portions of maps to take advantage of heady spots in certain maps. 

Slasher spoke to the CDL Casters after one of FaZe's matches:

I mean, the glaring issue right now is running sound equalization. Pro players are absolute cowards. The skill gap is closer than it's ever been.

The final match of the first day for Major 3 featured these two talented teams. And while the heat was expected, the final score was a wild surprise.

FaZe added more fuel to the flames, beating the Thieves 3-0. While the first map (Hardpoint Mercado) was particularly close (250-239), FaZe brought the heat, beating the Thieves 6-0 in Embassy SnD and 3-0 in Hotel Control.

After the sweep was secured, Slasher, who is seated closest to the Thieves' team, jumps out of his gaming chair and flips them off while spewing what we can assume are some choice words for the squad.

Obviously, after these types of actions happen, there's going to spark some sort of response from the opposing team. 

We spoke to Kenneth "Kenny" Williams and Zack "Drazah" Jordan after their 3-0 win against the Minnesota Røkkr, and here's what Kenny had to say.

What do you guys take from Slasher's antics and the words he said after the match yesterday?

Listen, I mean, the guy can talk. You win, you can talk. I can't respond until I play him again and beat him. There's no response yet until we can play him again and beat him.

Unfortunately, for Major 3, we won't see the Thieves and FaZe in a rematch. The Thieves took a tough loss to the Vegas Legion 3-1 to end the night Friday.

While it didn't spark a dramatic response from the Thieves, you can bet that the next match against the two teams will spark a hotter fire than ever before.