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Modern Warfare 3: Preseason Patch Notes

The firstMW3 patch is here! Get the full patch notes for Modern Warfare 3 preseason

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just received its first update post launch. With numerous changes to weapons, and updates to general gameplay, here’s everything you need to know.

Sledgehammer Games announced shortly after that patch went live that not all of the changes scheduled for today were able to go live. They said “Due to unforeseen issues, not all of the changes scheduled for today’s update were able to be released. Our teams are hard at work to get key movement changes, Multiplayer weapon balancing, Zombies gameplay and stability fixes, and more into the next available update.”

This means that some changes such as an update to the Tac Sprint refresh and many more will not be included in today's patch. However, some crucial patches such as red dots on the mini map now showing the correct elevation have been included.

Multiplayer Progression


Addressed an issue that prevented Bolt Attachments from being unlocked at the expected Weapon Level for the KATT-AMR (Sniper Rifle).


Introduced new requirements for the Priceless Camo challenge for the WSP Swarm (Submachine Gun).

Get 10 Operator Double Kills while in Tac-Stance.

Resolved issues that prevented several Challenges from tracking completion progress.

Corrected unlock challenge tracking conditions for BBQ (Operator).



Players can no longer plant at the A bombsite from an unintended location in Search and Destroy.

This is an update that many players will be happy to see after a clip went viral on release day of someone planting the bomb outside of the plane on Terminal.


Team Deathmatch

Increased match score limit from 75 to 100.

Weapons & Attachments

MCW (Assault Rifle)

Increased hipfire control during sustained fire.

BAS-B (Battle Rifle)

Increased hipfire control during sustained fire.

MTZ Interceptor (Marksman Rifle)

Increased hipfire control during sustained fire.

Renetti (Handgun)

Increased hipfire control during sustained fire.

JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit (Conversion Kit)

Thermo-Optic X9 and SZ VORTEX-90 Optic Attachments can now be toggled as expected.

TYR (Handgun)

Increased hipfire control during sustained fire.

Odin’s Judgement (Trigger Action)

Decreased trigger response time to the intended 210ms duration.

While these patches won’t change the overall gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 much, we can expect a lot more to come in the Season One update. This update is expected to come in early December, and will bring a lot of content such as new maps, weapons, and a lot of patches. This update will also include a number of weapon nerfs and buffs, which will definitely change the meta.

Season One is also rumored to be the release of Ranked Play. Ranked Play will yet again change up the meta with players being able to play 4v4 matches using the Call of Duty League ruleset.

However, right now the MCW and the Rival-9 seem to be the go-to Assault Rifle and SMG for the pro players, so you’ll want to get them ranked up before a probable nerf in Season One.