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MW3 Zombies Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes

Here’s all the patch notes for MW3 Zombies in Season One Reloaded

Modern Warfare 3’s Season One Reloaded update has just dropped, and with it comes several changes to Zombies. From updates to Contracts to Weapons and Equipment.

The Season One Reloaded update also brought a lot of updates and changes to Multiplayer, including the arrival of Ranked Play, a collaboration with Amazon TV Show, The Boys, and weapon balancing updates. You can see Multiplayer Patch Notes here.

Here’s the full Zombies patch notes for Season One Reloaded on January 17, 2024

New Warlord: Dokkaebi

  • Operators will find Dokkaebi’s fortress at the top of a skyscraper in Zaravan City.
    • A technological savant, the Warlord uses drones, turrets, and a Wheelson as her main line of defense.
MW3 Zombies



  • Aether Extraction
    • Players can now move immediately after successfully interacting with Aether Extractors.
  • Eliminate Bounty Target
    • Addressed an issue that allowed HVTs to spawn inside of locked Mercenary Strongholds.

Field Upgrades

  • Addressed an issue that prevents players from using Field Upgrades when wielding the Dual Kodachis.


  • Addressed an issue that allowed players to damage other players in Modern Warfare Zombies.
  • Closed an exploit that allowed players to carry more than two weapons at a time.
  • Addressed an issue that would create a Contraband copy of Insured Slot 2 when it was equipped as a Secondary Weapon.


Terminus Outcomes

  • Sentry Turrets
    • Sentry Turrets are now EMP’d when shot by the Stormender.



  • Hell Hounds
    • Friendly (Pet) Hell Hounds will now heal newly added squad members.
    • Friendly (Pet) Hell Hounds will now retain their name and level when traveling to the Dark Aether.


Assault Rifle

  • RAM-7
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from equipping the base RAM-7 weapon in the insured slot.


Tactical Equipment

  • Decoy Grenades
    • Increased Decoy Grenade duration from 6 seconds to 8
  • Cymbal Monkey
    • Increased the Cymbal Monkey duration from 8.5 seconds to 10.5.
    • The Cymbal Monkey will now attract Hell Hounds.


  • Bone Collector Operator Skin
    • This skin now appears correctly in the Strike Team menu.
  • Sleigh Operator Skin
    • This skin now appears correctly in the Strike Team menu.


  • Leave Squad
    • Players can now choose to leave their squad.
  • Mission Progression Notifications
    • Players will now be notified of certain progression milestones when completing Missions.
      • Example: A Mission step that requires players to kill 50 enemies will now notify players at 10, 20, 30, and 40 kills.
  • General
    • Addressed an issue that prevented players from being notified that they earned the 'House Cleaner' Calling Card.


  • Added various crash and stability fixes.