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Nicki Minaj Operator Bundle Now Available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Store

Players can now purchase the Nicki Minaj bundle in CoD MW2.
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The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as the Nicki Minaj Operator bundle takes center stage in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II. This collaboration introduces the renowned singer to the battleground, marking her thrilling debut within the Call of Duty universe.

At its core, the bundle is a vibrant representation of the singer and her unique style. Players can step in Minaj's shoes and display her persona as an Operator. Ingrained with her distinct flair, the bundle radiates a resounding pink color, which Minaj is known for. As players drop into Call of Duty, they'll be surrounded by a collection of thematic items, including an exclusive loading screen that prepares you for the upcoming match.

The "Nicki Whip" vehicle skin extends Minaj's influence. Furthermore, players can exert the power of "The Baddest" and "Super Freaky" weapon blueprints, solidifying Minaj's glamorous presence within the game. 

The bundle introduces a tracer pack that shoots bullets with a pink glow. This visual feature adds a new dimension to gameplay, providing a nice beam of light while intense battles rage on. 

Among Minaj's abilities are her unique finishing moves, whether it's the impact of her high heels or a perfectly executed neck slam. Minaj's own voice lines punctuate the gameplay, featuring quotes such as "Trust me, you want this bad b***h on your side" and "You're dead, b***h!"—reflecting her tenacious attitude.

This new Call of Duty bundle is available for 2,400 Call of Duty Points (approximately $20). Minaj joins the ranks of respected artists who have found a creative harbor within Call of Duty. Building on the returns of Snoop Dogg and the upcoming introduction of 21 Savage, the stage is set for the Nicki Minaj Operator bundle to intrigue players, leading in a fresh era of popular celebrities to Call of Duty.

As players rush to purchase the operator, anticipation builds for the return of the Nicki Minaj Operator bundle in Modern Warfare III, scheduled for release in November.