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It’s about time! After much speculation and rumors, Counter-Strike 2 has officially been revealed as Counter-Strike fans now look toward a Summer release for the free-to-play game.

Now, the only thing on Counter-Strike fans is when and how they will be able to play the Counter-Strike 2 beta.

How to play the Counter-Strike 2 beta?

Counter-Strike 2 is set to provide a vast amount of improvements to previous CS iterations as many fans of the game should expect a number of technical improvements. Additionally, Counter-Strike 2 maps will provide players with an enhanced experience of maps as they climb through the ranks online.

Unfortunately, there is no way to join the beta manually for Counter-Strike 2. Those interested in accessing the Counter-Strike 2 beta will need to go to Counter-Strike and see if they have been selected to join the testing period for the upgraded version of the game.

How to play Counter-Strike 2 if selected

If you received an invite, select “ENROLL” to begin downloading the game and select the “Limited Test” option.

Those with access will have the opportunity to play Deathmatch and Unranked Competitive matchmaking on Dust2. Players will also be able to stream and create content about their experiences with the upcoming game as well.

How to increase chances of selection

While we wish we could provide you with a link to apply for the beta for Counter-Strike 2, this appears to be the only method for beta access for the time being. However, do not get sad if you have not been selected as it is likely that Valve will open up more slots in the Counter-Strike 2 beta as the game inches closer to its Summer release period.

Additionally, if you want to increase your chances of being selected for the process, Valve will be factoring in a number of core factors in their selection process. Some of these factors include playtime on Valve servers, your Steam account standing, as well as your trust factor. So if any of these things are not in check, look into possibly shoring that up to increase your chances of being selected for the Counter-Strike 2 beta.

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Additionally, be sure to check out the FAQ detailing all the information on the CS2 Beta.