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The Street Fighter 6 beta has been met with positive reviews from the gaming community, with fighting game fans and veterans marveling at the game's new control system, mechanics, fighters, and game modes. Now, more details are coming out about the intricacies of the game, including paid DLC.

A recent press release revealed a promotion Capcom is doing with Chipotle that will allow Chipotle customers to use a promo code (HDKN236) to receive 250 Fighter Coins, which can be used on the console versions of the game. These Fighter coins can be used to purchase a few things starting June 2:

  • Characters
  • Character costumes
  • Character costume alternative colors
  • Stages
  • Stamps
  • Avatar gear
  • Avatar emotes

This press release, meant to outline the Chipotle promotion details, instead confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will introduce something called Fighter Coins, which are different from the Fight Money in Street Fighter 5 — and you’ll probably need it to buy additional in-game content. This means the FGC should expect to pay some moolah to get Fighter Coins once the game launches.

It’s currently not confirmed how much Fighter Coins will cost or how much the DLC content will be. It’s possible that players can also unlock them by earning them in-game, but all of this is a mystery right now. Fighter Coins will be separate from another in-game currency, Drive Tickets, however. These are earned by completing missions.

Meanwhile, you can get some Fighter Coins for free thanks to the Chipotle promotion.

How to Earn Fighter Coins With Chipotle Purchase

Starting June 2, Street Fighter 6 players will be able to earn Fighter Coins by purchasing Chipotle entrees on the official website and app. Later in the year, there will also be in-game integrations like the Chipotle Daily Brackets, Battle Hub signage, and Chipotle-branded avatar items so you can show your love for beans and guac while grinding the game.

Fighter Coins were described as “premium in-game currency.” Every “qualifying order” will earn players 250 Fighter Coins while supplies last. Chipotle Rewards members can also redeem 250 points in the Chipotle Rewards Exchange. Learn more about Fighter Coins here.

The partnership featured more than in-game promotions. The press release stated that Chipotle will serve as the presenting sponsor at Evo 2023 and Combo Breaker. The fast food company will be a PlayStation media advertiser and the “first-ever restaurant brand to offer free food as viewer rewards on Twitch.” This will be 500,000 free chips and guac to Chipotle Rewards members who watch at least an hour of a participating Twitch channel’s SF6 stream.

The other part of the extensive promotion revolves around the return of the Chipotle Challenger Series. The competitive community can win prizes, including cash and a year’s supply of burritos, by competing in the tournament series. The top two teams will also get a free trip to Evo 2023.

"This partnership will provide Chipotle with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the passionate and dedicated fighting game community and to create innovative activations in-game and in-real-life within Street Fighter 6, Chipotle Challenger Series, Evo, Capcom Pro Tour and COMBO BREAKER throughout 2023," said Jason Scorrano, Head of Partnerships for RTS in a release. "This innovative partnership will shape the future of the fighting game community and how brands connect with it in meaningful ways."