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One of the most anticipated games of the year, Street Fighter 6, is only about a week away from release. But this isn’t your typical fare when it comes to fighting games. With a renewed focus on story and the most content ever featured in a Street Fighter game, SF6 looks to be a watershed moment for the FGC. With so many things stuffed into this game, we figured it would be good to take an overview of what modes are included in SF6 and where you should spend most of your time.

World Tour

In this brand new mode to Street Fighter, Capcom decided to introduce an entirely new concept to storytelling with World Tour mode. Its inclusion was met with overwhelming positivity as it was clearly meant to address one of the biggest gripes players had from Street Fighter V; the lack of offline content. In this section of the game, you’ll create a unique avatar and traverse the streets of the fictional Metro City. 

From there, you’ll be able to gain experience, unlock cosmetics and most of all learn moves from all of the characters in the game. By the end of World Tour, your character could have Ken’s Dragon Punch, Dhalsim’s stretchy limbs and Guile’s super moves. Through this mode, your monstrosity of a character will improve and could become a strong character in their own right.

The story of World Tour is also the primary single-player mode of SF6. Much like Mortal Kombat: Deceptions story mode, you’ll explore the world and talk to various characters from the Street Fighter universe. Every member of the launch roster is in this mode but Capcom also promised various cameos from other IPs. Couple that with a myriad of mini-games and you have arguably the most robust single-player modes in fighting game history.

If you’re totally into the story of Street Fighter or are obsessed with creating custom characters. This should be where you spend the majority of your time.

Battle Hub

The Battle Hub is the online lobby mode where the vast majority of our online bouts will take place. The Hub is a fully explorable area where you can check out other players’ avatars and even spectate matches at little arcade machines just like back in the day. You’ll also be able to do ranked matches, casual matches, and even participate in tournaments all within the Battle Hub. During the closed and open beta tests for the Battle Hub, there were even DJ booths for making custom mixes and storefronts to buy cosmetics for your fighter.

Also, within the Hub, is the ability to take your World Tour custom characters and battle them online against other create-a-fighters. The community was unsure if this would be an option as some fighters can potentially have game-breaking movesets. But since it’s all in good fun, it's just another reason to stay glued to the game.

Battle Hub is where you’ll more than likely spend the majority of your time after you’ve completed World Tour and unlocked things in Arcade Mode. World Tour may get you in the door, but the community will eventually thrive in the Battle Hub. So when you’re ready to take on the world, it’ll be through this mode.

Fighting Ground

Fighting Ground sf6

When you generally think of a fighting game, a mode like Fighting Ground is typically what comes to mind. It’s here where you’ll find all of your usual options like Training and Versus Mode and more. If you’re playing against your friends in person or looking to work on your moves, it’ll be here in Fighting Ground Also, World Tour isn’t the only place where you can experience the story. By beating Arcade mode, you’ll learn more about each individual fighter and unlock special artwork and more.

As an extension of Training Mode, Fighting Ground is where you’ll also find the absolutely exhaustive “training guides” that can help you learn the game. From the very basic fundamentals, all the way down to example combos, the guides are just another way for new players to improve and stay in the game. In addition to all this, there’s lastly Extreme Battles. 

In this arena, you’ll find special modifiers that you can put into a match for additional challenges. You can make it so you only deal damage with special moves, or you have to battle while avoiding raging bulls running across the screen. It’s got some very insane options that will be sure to be the “party mode” for fight fans.