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The Skullgirls community is getting its own competitive esports circuit. Hidden Variable has teamed up with Future Club and Autumn Games to host the Skullgirls Championship Series 2024 — an in-person fighting game circuit.

Skullgirls has a long history in the FGC, perhaps most notable as the game that helped put legendary player Sonicfox on the map. They were on hand at Evo 2023 just before the reveal of the Skullgirls Championship Series to show off the game's latest DLC character — the demonic vacuum-wielding Marie. Sonicfox played the new character in an exhibition against fellow Skullgirls veteran DeKillSage, and once again emerged victorious.

How to Play in Skullgirls Championship Series 2024?

Details on tournaments, dates, and rules will be revealed at a later date. For now, Skullgirls fans can get excited about the new character and gameplay revealed at Evo and prepare for next year's intense esports competition.

Skullgirls is available on all platforms including Steam and Nintendo Switch. A mobile game featuring the characters and iconic gameplay is available on iOS and Android.