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Fortnite Update Adds Enforcer AR and Flowberry Fizz Item

Fortnite's January 2nd update removes Winterfest 2023 items and adds in the Flowberry Fizz and Enforcer AR.

Enforcer AR and Flowberry Fizz Double Heal Item Added to Fortnite

  • The Flowberry Fizz item heals your shields over time and can be used on yourself, or your squad mates.
  • The Enforcer AR is a fully automatic assault rifle that has a slower rate of fire, but higher damage per shot.
  • With Winterfest 2023 ending, several items have also been removed from Fortnite.

Epic’s battle royale Fortnite continues to make updates and changes to the game to keep it interesting and fresh for players. While the January 2nd update may seem small compared to the start of a new season or event, the items themselves could shake up the meta. With Winterfest 2023 ending several items have been removed and two very powerful items have been added.

Fortnite Adds Flowberry Fizz Healing Item

The first item added will have a big impact on gameplay in Fortnite. Analysis and Caster Boop on Twitter shared this video using the Flowberry Fizz, showing that it can be used to heal a single target’s shields or sprayed all around to heal your squad's shields as well.

When used, the Flowberry Fizz will restore 100 shields over time. The Flowberry Fizz will also grant a player low gravity for a small amount of time.

Enforcer AR Added to Fortnite

The newest gun being added to Epic Game’s battle royale is the Enforcer AR. It’s described as an assault rifle with a lower rate of fire, but much higher damage per shot at range. It’s best used at medium to long-range in combat.

According to the new Fortnite update the stats for the Enforcer AR based on rarity are as follows with the lowest being common and the highest being legendary.

Damage: 32 \ 33 \ 35 \ 37 \ 39

Headshot Damage: 48 \ 49.5 \ 52.5 \ 55.5 \ 58.5

Magazine Size: 24 \ 25 \ 25 \ 25 \ 25

Fire Rate: 3.95 \ 3.95 \ 3.95 \ 3.95 \ 3.95

Reload Time: 2.42 \ 2.31 \ 2.2 \ 2.09 \ 1.98

A player uses Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite's battle royale.

A player uses Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite's battle royale.

Winterfest 2023 Items Removed

With the seasonal event in Fortnite, Winterfest 2023, being removed a few items have left the game. The items no longer in Fortnite as of the January 2nd update include; Grappler, Icy Grappler, Sneaky Snowmando, Holiday Presents, Snowball Launcher, and the Snow Flopper.