Best Duos For League of Legends Arena

Ready for some duo mayhem? Here are the most unstoppable teams for League's Duos Arena mode.

Arena is a game mode in League of Legends that features eight teams of two fighting to survive across multiple maps. Only one duo can stand victorious at the end. These are the best champion duos to consider if you want to dominate in Arena. 

Arena mode consists of a preparation and combat phase, with teams of two starting by choosing Augments and Anvils before going into battle. After 30 seconds, a ring of fire will start closing around you, forcing teams to face off at close range in a very chaotic match. Not every pair of champions is on an equal playing field in Arena mode, however. 

Best Duos in Arena Mode

Ready to dominate Arena mode? These are some of the best champion duos in this duo challenge thanks to their synergy and dual-focused abilities. 

7. Alistar and Pyke

Alistar and Pyke LoL duos

At first, this pair seems quite unlikely. But both champions are focused on immortality while blocking resurrections for enemy teams. The goal is to keep throwing enemy champions into the fire or pushing them out of the resurrection circle. Pick Augments like Courage of the Colossus and Tormentor for Alistar and Giant Slayer and the Brutalizer for Pyke to focus on the aggression. 

6. Yasuo and Yone

Yasuo LoL Duos

Many doubted this duo but they currently have one of the highest win rates in Arena mode. The match may not go your way but if it does, it’s quite chaotic and powerful. The brothers have similar abilities and deal AD crit damage. Yasuo will have endless opportunities to ult with the right gameplay and synergy. 

5. Taric and Yi

Taric and Yi LoL duos

Taric and Yi were probably the best duo when Arena first arrived in League of Legends and they’re still good now. Yi plays dangerously and aggressively so they’re a bit glass cannon. But your high risk and high reward plan is to kill both enemies before Taric’s ultimate is over. The Hellfire Hatchet item can help get the job done. 

4. Lulu and Kog'Maw

Lulu Kog'Maw LoL duos

Bring this powerful bot and lane combo to the Arena to watch their synergy carry over to other modes. Lulu keeps Kog’Maw alive and he steamrolls through almost anyone that stands in their way. Kog’Maw is also a great choice for this mode because you can use a lot of different Augments and Prismatic items.

3. Master Yi and Yuumi

Yuumi LoL Duos

Master Yi is a carry that becomes even more powerful when Yuumi attaches to him to provide him with buffs. Yuumi has healing and defensive abilities but also makes Master Yi’s movement and attack speed even faster. The combo of extra strength and speed while being nearly invincible is an obvious advantage in this mode. Meanwhile, Yuumi can’t be touched when attached to him, making certain AOE attacks from enemies a bit useless. 

2. Mordekaiser and Kha’Zix

MOrdekaiser LoL Duos

This duo has the upperhand in a 2v2 no question — you don’t want to be alone with them, trust me. Basically, Mordekaiser ults an enemy to get them to the death realm and then Kha’Zix annihilates them easily with Q. 

1. Brand and Trundle

Brand and Trundle LoL Duos

Fire and ice, brusier and mage, what more is there to say about this combo? Brand does a surprising amount of damage in this game mode but his lack of mobility makes him a sitting duck for aggressive or assassin-based comps. Trundle provides solid peel while also remaining a reliable threat. His ultimate also counters tank-based comps

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