Is Quad Mode Coming to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends players want Quads but is it actually happening?

Quads has been much-discussed but are the rumors true? Is Quads coming to Apex Legends?

Apex Legends' main mode is Trios but sometimes players have wanted to jump into the battle royale with smaller and bigger groups. For a while, there was a rumor that Quads was coming to Apex Legends, allowing teams of four to take on the Apex Games. Is that true? Is Quads on its way?

Leaks Claim Quads Is Coming to Apex Legends

A few months ago, a prominent and trusted leaker claimed that Season 21 was going to have Solo and Quad modes. Well, Season 21 came out in May and Solos arrived but still no Quads.

For now, there is no official statement from Respawn Entertainment that confirms the existence of Quads. But that doens't mean it's completely off the table.

For a while, developers claimed that Solos would never happen. The game wouldn't be balanced that way and the legends wouldn't work as intended, explained devs. This frustrated a lot of competitive gamers who wanted to show off their mechanical skills without a team dragging them down.

Then, devs announced that Solos was coming as a game mode in Season 21. This shocked fans and many mocked Respawn Entertainment for going back on such a previously strong "no" about the mode. A lot of gamers said that devs were doing anything to retain players and accused the game of struggling.

Either way, it looks like the leak was halfway correct. Season 21 did bring Solos to Apex Legends. That means there may be a chance that Quads is still coming but right now it's a rumor and not a confident one.

Apex Legends developers were previously very against Quads. In 2021, Design Director Jason McCord claimed that Quads was tested internally and found to be "untrackable and chaotic in a negative way."

Of course, that could change. It's possible developers are working on a way for Quads to work behind the scenes. It's unclear what Quads would look like right now.

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