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South Korea, like many other countries around the world, requires citizens to spend time in the military. But Faker may be joining other high-profile athletes who were exempt from the draft after winning gold medals in international tournaments. It’s been confirmed that if Faker wins gold at the League of Legends tournament at the Asian Games in China he will skip the military and continue playing.

"When I first went to the Asian Games, I had a sense of duty," Faker said at a news conference last month. "This time, I will make sure that I show the best performance. We lost to China [...] so I'll prepare more thoroughly."

It’s safe to say there’s a lot on the line for the esports veteran.

K-Pop Fans Angry at Faker For Possibly Avoiding South Korean Draft

Unfortunately, not everyone is glad to see Faker continue grinding the MOBA instead of spending time in the military.

It’s no secret that BTS fans are some of the most dedicated, loyal, and obsessed when it comes to worldwide fandoms. There have been reports of BTS fans booking the same flights as the pop icons, finding their phone numbers, and breaking into their hotel rooms.

While some question the behavior of the BTS Army, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most powerful fandoms out there. Now, they are demanding that South Korea exempt BTS from the military as well, citing Faker as the reason.

The BTS fandom has explained that, like Faker, BTS has brought a lot of revenue and attention to the South Korean entertainment industry. They have greatly contributed to the country’s economy and spread awareness of the South Korean culture.

A tweet initially sparked the outrage, with someone trolling the BTS community with a photo of Faker holding multiple League of Legends trophies. In response, ravenous fans claimed that BTS has done more for the country than Faker, with some even claiming that nobody knows who Faker is.

It’s definitely true that esports isn’t as large as K-Pop on a worldwide scale, but within South Korea, Faker is a known celebrity and a celebrated athlete. Considered one of the best esports pros in history, Faker has won championships and continued to prove his skills even when faced with adversity and injury.

It’s possible that BTS and other pop stars will get military exception in the future, but right now the gaming world is holding their breath that Faker wins gold and is allowed to continue competing.