League of Legends Streamer Chooses Game Over Girlfriend

Dantes and Laura's breakup had the League of Legends community in an uproar.

UPDATE: It seems there was much more to the breakup than a simple decision between Dantes’ girlfriend and the game – Dantes has released a lengthy final statement on Twitter with Laura’s permission clarifying the reasons for the breakup and addressing recent allegations from the streamer Tarzaned, who recently accused Dantes of  “[sending] Laura to Germany to get [an] abortion while [he] stayed home and streamed.” 

In this statement, Dantes reveals that he and Laura were faced with an unintended pregnancy during his time in Korea last year. He states “I won’t go into too detail since it’s more Laura’s place than it is mine to talk about this, however I will, with her permission, give you a better idea of the timeline.”

The event occurred during the Dantes Invitational tournament’s organization. Dantes’ obligations in Korea, non-refundable ticket travel issues and severe scheduling issues prevented him from being with Laura in Germany during her procedure to end the pregnancy, and the couple decided for her to undergo it alone. For 2023’s final months, Dantes and Laura faced long-distance struggles with him living in Korea and her in Berlin before reuniting in Canada. The combined distance stress between the couple, traumatic pregnancy experience and career scheduling conflicts eventually contributed to their breakup. 

Laura also released several Twitter.com statements rightfully reprimanding Tarzaned and other streamers for sharing painful, intimate details about her pregnancy without her permission. She says “29 year old man child that thinks it ok to talk about a random woman’s [sic] trauma is so disgusting to me [...] for u to go online and talk about that, taking away my right to keep that to myself shows how much u lack in sympathy.” ( https://x.com/Laurinchhe/status/1804224376415424677 ) Our deepest compassion is with Laura as she heals from these experiences and we wish Dantes and Laura the best of luck moving forward on their separate paths.

Two League of Legends Twitch streamers broke up yesterday and gamers everywhere are quick to give their opinions on the relationship.

Dantes "Doaenel" and Laura "Laurinchhhe" are two popular League streamers that started dating each other in the fall of 2023. A lot of people enjoyed the content they created together and thought of their relationship as gamer couple goals. But as of June 19, the two broke up.

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Laurinchhhe simply wrote: "Happy nine months."

But Dantes wrote up a long tweet on X that left League of Legends fans conflicted about the situation. In the tweet, Dantes explained that he's "not ready for a relationship" since his "career" as a streamer is his first priority. He had told Laura this from the beginning and she was immediately accommodating, encouraging him and supporting him.

"The problem is, however, that relationships are about compromise," he wrote. "Seeing her taking steps back in her own life and career in order to support me, while I was unwilling and unable to do the same for her is just something that, over time, took it’s toll on me mentally."

At first, many men replied to Dantes that his decision was mature and well thought out. They applauded him for realizing his mistakes and not wanting to continue the relationship. But others quickly pointed out that it sounded like he knew he wasn't ready from the start and still proceeded to "waste her time."

The new narrative started to form that Dantes had fumbled the kind of relationship most League of Legends players wanted — a relationship where they could play all of the League of Legends they wanted while their girlfriend happily supported it and also played.

"Sounds like you wasted her time," a lot of fans replied.

"Fumble of the year," others kept pointing out.

Said another reply: "You are inting selling the game of life rn."

Others pointed out that he had "taken the easy way out" by continuing to just obessively play League of Legends instead of also make compromises for her. It was apparent that he wasn't willing to make any changes in his lifestyle to make the relationship work.

Another fan on X pointed out that Dantes' statement initially sounded like it was for Laura's benefit but the reality is that he made a decision for her. He explained that he felt the breakup was "for her own good" but for all we know Laura was happy with Dantes gaming and her supporting this decision.

"Your feelings are valid, but your feelings are about how you THINK you're letting her down or not keeping up your side of the bargain. In her eyes maybe she was very happy with how things were even if you weren't 'compromising' or if the relationship wasn't 'balanced'. Almost zero relationships are totally balanced," he wrote.

The tweet concluded by saying that he should have let Laura decide if she was happy in the relationship or not. Instead, he made a decision based on how he felt Laura should feel. This opened up even more discourse about what a healthy relationship really is while others explained that Dantes made the right call since he was "doubting the relationship" anyway.

The conclusion for most gamers, however, was this: "Love is dead."

Meanwhile, Laura is still cleary upset by the breakup. She tweeted earlier today that she still loves Dantes. Yesterday, she said she "wasn't enough."

Fans offered her support and gave her advice on the matter, promising that she would get through this in the end. Others told her to "value herself" and realize that Dantes was not willing to put in the actual work to make the relationship last.

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