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There were no expectations for Golden Guardians to win today’s series against Evil Geniuses. After a 7-0 win streak in the LCS 2023 Spring Split, Golden Guardians fell apart towards the end of the regular season. They entered the postseason as the LCS sixth seed with very little expectations to make any type of run. The notion was that it was an accomplishment just to reach the LCS 2023 Spring Split postseason.

Despite their surprising 3-2 victory over 100 Thieves, nobody believed in Golden Guardians ability to repeat their success against Evil Geniuses. While Evil Geniuses finished the LCS 2023 Spring Split regular season in 5th place, many still saw them as a top team.

Yet, the start of the series did not signify that expectation against Golden Guardians. In fact, if you took nameplates off, you would think that the series was going just how you expected it to be, but that was simply not the case.

In each game, everybody was wondering when the moment Evil Geniuses would mount their comeback in the series. However, that moment never came as Golden Guardians continued to look dominate throughout the quick 3-0 series due to excellent drafts.

At the 27-minute mark in game three, Golden Guardians stood at the precipice of Evil Geniuses’ base with a 6k gold lead and four dragons over the opposition. Just a few minutes later, Golden Guardians made the final push into Evil Geniuses base as they celebrated one of the most magical runs in LCS history.

With this victory, Golden Guardians has become the third and final team to qualify for LCS Finals Weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. They will move

Where to watch the LCS 2023 Spring Split

Those looking to watch the LCS 2023 Spring Split will be able to watch it all happen through the LCS’s Twitch and YouTube channels.