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The LCS 2023 Spring Split is about to enter a week of marquee matchups that could paint a better picture of where all 10 teams stand in the rankings. More importantly, there are a number of different questions surrounding the LCS teams. Did FlyQuest continue its undefeated streak? Did Dignitas or Golden Guardians finally win a game this split? Here is your little summary of how each game went during the LCS 2023 Spring Split.

LCS 2023 Spring Split Day One

TSM (2-2) vs. Cloud9 (3-1) - Cloud9 (4-1)

FlyQuest (4-0) vs. Evil Geniuses (3-1) - FlyQuest (5-0)

Team Liquid (2-2) vs. 100 Thieves (3-1) - 100 Thieves (4-1)

CLG (2-2) vs. Golden Guardians (0-4) - Golden Guardians (1-4)

Immortals (1-3) vs. Dignitas (0-4) - Immortals (2-3)

LCS 2023 Spring Split Day Two

100 Thieves (4-1) vs. FlyQuest (5-0) - FlyQuest (6-0)

CLG (2-3) vs. TSM (2-3) - TSM (3-3)

Cloud9 (4-1) vs. Evil Geniuses (3-1) - Evil Geniuses (4-1)

Dignitas (0-5) vs. Team Liquid (2-3) - Team Liquid (3-3)

Immortals (2-3) vs. Golden Guardians (1-4) - Golden Guardians (2-4)

Day 1: Cloud9's Berserker dominates on Zeri in win against TSM

TSM got the headstart in this storied rivalry matchup, but in the end, TSM was unable to withstand the immaculate team fight abilities of Cloud9 AD Carry Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol as the young star netted a pentakill at the 20-minute mark on Zeri.

While Berserker went a little "too berserker" when he ran into TSM's base for his only death of the game, things went smooth soon after for Cloud9 as they navigated their way to their fourth win of the split. Additionally, this win for Cloud9 also marked support Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen's 200th LCS win, so overall, Cloud9 can celebrate today's dominant performance as they look towards a 2-0 in week three.

FlyQuest soars above Evil Geniuses for fifth win

LCS 2023 Spring Split Prince and Impact

FlyQuest is in sole possession of first place in the LCS 2023 Spring Split.

It was a really close game in the first 20 minutes between Evil Geniuses and FlyQuest. At first, it was Evil Geniuses who held a slight lead over the undefeated squad of FlyQuest. However, MVP frontrunner Lee "Prince" Chae-hwan's team fighting and spacing on Caitlyn was near perfection as the team staved off any attempt from Evil Geniuses' side to mount a comeback. In the end, the game fell completely out of control in the later stages of the game as FlyQuest soared to their fifth win in the split. Now, they will look towards 100 Thieves tomorrow as they aim for their sixth win.

100 Thieves continue to excel following victory against Team Liquid

After losing their first game to Cloud9 because of Zeri support, 100 Thieves have looked unstoppable in every other game since. That excellent level of play continued against Team Liquid, who were looking to prove their bounce back in week two wasn't just because of an easier schedule. While they proved to be a formidable opponent to 100 Thieves, it was not enough to keep up with the tempo of 100 Thieves. 

Now, 100 Thieves will have their biggest test of the split as they ready themselves for a match against the undefeated FlyQuest. 

Golden Guardians win first game of split against CLG

The Golden Guardians are no longer winless in the LCS 2023 Spring Split after taking down CLG in dominant fashion. Throughout the match, the team looked revitalized after two weeks of abysmal performances as they put together their strongest showing in 2023.

 As for CLG, this was a very difficult game to drop if they are trying to recover from their abysmal week two performance. Losing against Cloud9 is forgivable, but handing both Immortals and CLG their first victories of the split is a tough position to put themselves in if they want to make a return to the playoffs. They will need to pull it back against TSM tomorrow, or else they risk falling down to a 2-4 record.

Immortals move into a four-way tie for fifth after win against Dignitas

Just last week, it felt as if Immortals were battling with Dignitas for last place in the LCS 2023 Spring Split. However, since their victory against CLG, Immortals has placed themselves into a four-way tie for a playoff spot after securing a victory against Dignitas. That is not to say things didn't get close between the two teams, however. In fact, it was Dignitas who held the tempo advantage early on, but major props need to be handed to Immortals for having the resilience to mount a comeback and grab their second win of the season.

Now, they have a legitimate opportunity to end week three with an even 3-3 record, which would be a massive achievement for the young Immortals team.

Day 2 FlyQuest maintains perfection after victory over 100 Thieves

The botlane matchup between 100 Thieves' Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng and Flyquest's Lee "Prince" Chae-hwan was what all eyes were on as the battle to take down the undefeated FlyQuest began. Immediately, FlyQuest's botlaner continued his reign of terror in the LCS through exceptional team fighting on Kai'sa. While Milan "Tenacity" Oleksij breathed some hope into 100 Thieves through a strong performance on Fiora, it was not enough to stop FlyQuest from jumping up to 6-0.

Regardless of the actual results of the match, both botlaners shared a heartfelt moment after the game as they swapped jerseys. It was a sign of great sportsmanship and produced a nice moment to cap off a highly anticipated matchup.

CLG continues to tumble as TSM improves to 3-3

TSM LCS 2023 Spring Split

TSM improve to 3-3 after their win against CLG

It all started very strong for CLG after the first week, but since then, the team has not looked the same in weeks two and three. After losses to both Immortals and Golden Guardians, the CLG faithful were hoping that this would be an opportunity to stop the losing streak from reaching four games. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as TSM controlled the entire game en route to a 3-3 record. 

Where to watch League of Legends LCS 2023 Spring Split?

Viewers can watch the LCS 2023 Spring Split through the LCS Twitch and YouTube channels. The LCS 2023 Spring Split will take place every Thursday and Friday over the course of nine weeks.