League of Legends Early Patch 14.13 Info

The day is finally here — Zac, Brand, Gragas and Skarner are ALL being nerfed. Here's all the info we have on League of Legends Patch 14.13
Patch 14.13's official nerf list from the League of Legends Twitter.com page.
Patch 14.13's official nerf list from the League of Legends Twitter.com page. / Riot Games

Early League of Legends Patch 14.13 information has arrived, and it's just as juicy as the community was expecting. Though information on specific abilities and stats is subject to change, we have a list of which champions will be affected and how they will be buffed, nerfed and adjusted thanks to Riot Games developer @RiotPhroxzon on Twitter.com. Shockingly, it seems Zac, Brand, Gragas and Skarner nerfs are finally here! Let's dive into all our current information about League of Legends Patch 14.13 and how the community is reacting.

When will League of Legends Patch 14.13 release?

League of Legends Patch 14.13 will release on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024.

What Champions are being buffed in League of Legends Patch 14.13?

League of Legends Lissandra official image
League of Legends' coldhearted Ice Queen Lissandra is finally receiving some love. / Riot Games

Champions being buffed:

While a Lee Sin buff with his current state in Jungle meta is questionable, many underappreciated champions in Patch 14.13 will finally get the recognition they deserve. Miss Fortune will receive significant buffs. Lissandra is receiving attention for the first time in a while, and Pantheon will have 'quality-of-life' changes which will positively impact his gameplay.


  • E slow: 30-60% + 25% crit chance -> 40-80%, no crit scaling, buffed until 40/50/60/70/80% crit chance


  • E armor per stack: 2-14 -> 4-16

Lee Sin

  • Health growth: 105 -> 108
  • W shield: 50-250 -> 70-250


  • Q damage: 80-200 + 80% AP -> 80-200 + 85% AP
  • W CD: 12-8 -> 10-8

Miss Fortune

  • Base AD: 52 -> 55
  • W Minimum MS damaged lockout: 5 seconds -> 4 seconds
  • W Minimum MS: 25 -> 30-50 by rank
  • W Maximum MS wait: 5 seconds (10 seconds total) -> 3 seconds (7 seconds total)
  • W Maximum MS: 55-95 -> 60-100


  • Base AD: 40 -> 44


  • W Minimum Damage: 50 -> 60 (matches old rank 1)


  • E cooldown: 13-9 -> 12-8
  • E damage: 50-90 -> 55-95 (AD/Crit ratios unchanged)

What Champions are being nerfed in League of Legends Patch 14.13?

Gragas league of legends official image
The upcoming Gragas nerf has the League of Legends community celebrating. / Riot Games

Champions being nerfed:

It's a miracle — Patch 14.13's list of nerfed Champions looks straight out of a vent Reddit post. Brand will no longer terrorize bot lane and Gragas' reign of terror just might be over. Taliyah and Skarner nerfs are nothing new but are still useful and nice to see. Kalista also takes serious ability nerfs after being previously miscategorized in 'adjustments'.


  • P Mana on kill: 30-50 -> 20-40
  • E damage: 60-180 -> 60-160 (AP ratio unchanged)


  • P Max HP heal: 6.5% -> 5.5%
Kalista League of Legends official image
Kalista was incorrectly categorized as an 'adjustment' in Patch 14.13, but the information we have about her in the Patch only shows nerfs. / Riot Games


  • Base AD: 61 -> 59
  • R cooldown: 150-90 -> 160-120
  • Minimum damage: 75-175 -> 0
  • Minion execute: 125-225 -> 0
  • Monster damage cap: 250-450 -> 100-200


  • Q damage: 43-119 -> 40-116 (AP ratio unchanged)


  • Health: 611 -> 580


  • Q mana: 30 -> 50
  • Q2 max health damage: 15% -> 10%


  • Q monster bonus damage: 25 + 5% AP -> 10 + 0% AP (Total monster damage roughly 20% less)


  • Passive healing: 5/6/7/8% max HP (based on R rank) -> 4-8% max HP (linear scaling)
  • Nerf until level 9, then mostly neutral

What Champions are being adjusted in League of Legends Patch 14.13?

League of Legends Varus official image
After Kalista's recategorization, Varus is the only Champion being adjusted in Patch 14.13. / Riot Games

Varus will receive adjustments in Patch 14.13 which aim to "take power out of Lethality builds while moving a bit more power into On-Hit builds" and "reduce some of his power in early lane" per developer @RiotPhroxzon on Twitter.com.

Champions being adjusted:


  • Base AD: 60 -> 57
  • AS Growth: 4% -> 3.5%
  • W on-hit damage: 7-31 -> 7-35
  • W cooldown refund: 12% -> 13%
  • W+Q cast lockout: 0.25 seconds -> 0.85 seconds
  • W+Q missing HP damage: 6/8/10/12/14 at rank 1/4/7/10/13 -> at level 1/2/3/4/5
  • P Minion reward: 10/15/20% + (20%AS Attack Speed) -> 10% Attack Speed + (10%AS Attack Damage) + (10% AS Ability Power)
  • P Champion Reward: 40% + (40%AS Attack Speed) -> 4% Attack Speed + (15%AS Attack Damage) + (15%AS Ability Power)

What else is changing in League of Legends Patch 14.13?

Patch 14.3 will include various rune changes and item changes. Dark Harvest, Electrocute, and Opportunity will all be altered.

Items and systems being adjusted:

Dark Harvest

  • Cooldown: 45 -> 40
  • Damage: 20-80 + 5/stack -> 20 + 9/stack (AD/AP ratios unchanged)


  • Cooldown: 25-20 -> 20
  • Damage: 30-220 -> 50-190 (AD/AP ratios unchanged


  • Preparation Lethality: 5-10.5 -> 5-10.5 (Melee) / 3-6.3 (Ranged)
  • Extraction decaying MS: 150 -> 200

How is the community reacting to League of Legends Patch 14.13?

The community seems generally pleased with the changes, especially most of the nerfs. There is a consensus that many of these nerfs, especially the Gragas nerf, were sorely needed. One user @LECAMUSAurelie1 comically quipped, "HOLY ZAC BRAND GRAGAS SKARNER NERFS ?? GUYS GET YOUR HEAD READY FOR ASTEROIDS RIOT FINALLY OPENED THEIR EYES [sic]." It is also an amazing day for Lissandra players, who are excited that their beloved Ice Queen is finally getting some much-needed Riot Games love.

However, other decisions appear questionable to League of Legends players. The Lee Sin buff particularly is raising eyebrows — Twitter.com user @Gamy1lol states "Lee sin buffs just makes [sic] absolutely no sense, regardless of what the buff is, it's currently the most solid jungler in higher ranks." In addition, players want clarification on the Pantheon and Kalista changes. While Kalista's previous patch status was 'adjustment', @RiotPhroxon's full changes list includes her as a 'nerf' complete with devastating ability alterations. This has upset Kalista mains who expected a more balanced adjustment.

Though the Kalista error caused serious upset, Patch 14.13 otherwise seems quite balanced and the community is generally looking forward to it. Stay tuned for updates as the patch arrives and more League of Legends and esports content!

Gabby DeSena