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League of Legends Patch Notes: 14.1 Summoner's Rift changes, Voidborn, item update

The brand new ranked season for 2024 comes with huge changes to League of Legends. Here are the official patch notes for 14.1

Now that 2024 is in full swing, the League of Legends preseason has ended. Season 14 is kicking off with Patch 14.1, which went live on Wednesday, January 10. In the first patch of the new season, nearly every aspect of League of Legends has experienced some type of change. Let’s take a look at all of the changes to League of Legends in Patch 14.1.

Changes to Summoner’s Rift in LoL Patch 14.1

Season 14 is bringing some new residents to Summoner’s Rift while also adding changes to returning features. Voidgrubs and Voidmites will be taking the place of the first Rift Herald, with three Voidgrubs spawning at five minutes into the game. Every 12 seconds of combat, a Voidgrub can spawn four Voidmites. Killing a Voidgrub grants the player and allied teammates one stack of the Hunger of the Void Buff, which allows a team to start spawning Voidmites to help them push once they’ve killed enough Voidgrubs to stack the buff the appropriate amount of times.

Void Baron Nashor versions

The changed was introduced in an effort to provide a similar impact to the Rift Herald in the early game, but with the pushing power spread across multiple lanes.

Rift Herald’s stats remain unchanged, but in addition to a new appearance, it’s also been given some new features – primarily, the ability to allow a player to hop on top of the creature to direct it for a turret charge.

Red Buff, Blue Buff, and the Scuttle Crab now all have “Voidborn” variants that spawn in place of their normal counterparts once Baron Nashor has spawned, and the Red and Blue buffs will become Draconic once the Elemental Rift is locked in. Draconic buffs spawn two of each buff – Red or Blue – instead of one. Only one of the buff will be able to be claimed by a player that is not the jungler of their team.

Terrain changes are also hitting Summoner’s Rift for Season 14, but none as large as the changes accompanying adjustments to Baron Nashor. Baron will now sport three different types of terrain depending on if the Baron is a Hunting Baron, Territorial Baron, or All-Seeing Baron. Each variant of Baron has its own terrain and abilities, a change introduced to create some more versatility in the fights around the largest epic monster on Summoner’s Rift.

Changes to items in LoL Patch 14.1

Every single champion class in League of Legends has had their items adjusted, and with the removal of the Mythic Item system, no stone has been left unturned. Here are just the items that have been removed from League of Legends for Season 14:

  • Crown of the Shattered Queen
  • Everfrost
  • Leeching Leer
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Stopwatch
  • Goredrinker
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Silvermere Dawn
  • Ironspike Whip
  • Turbo Chemtank
  • Radiant Virtue
  • Gargoyle’s Stoneplate
  • Aegis of the Legion
  • Evenshroud
  • Lifewell Pendant
  • Duskblade of Draktharr
  • Prowler’s Claw
  • Rageknife
  • Galeforce
  • Relic Shield
  • Targon’s Buckler
  • Steel Shoulderguards
  • Runesteel Spaulders
  • Spellthief’s Edge
  • Frostfang
  • Spectral Sickle
  • Harrowing Crescent
  • Chemtech Putrifier
  • Chalice of Harmony

Click here for a full list of item changes in League of Legends Season 14.

Changes to champions in LoL Patch 14.1

Hwei, the newest champion in League of Legends, has had a small buff in the form of a base armor increase. The change is intended to make things a bit more forgiving for Hwei’s teammates as players continue to figure out the unique kit of the Visionary despite him being considered by the balance team to be in a good spot, or perhaps even a bit too powerful.


Vel’koz is also receiving some qualify of life touch-ups as a follow-up from adjustments made on Patch 13.24. His E, Tectonic Disruption, now has a circular ability indicator that displays .25 seconds after the ability is used, and the missile speed of the projectile’s travel time is between .25 seconds and .55, depending on distance.

Changes to runes in LoL Patch 14.1

With the removal of Stopwatch in Patch 14.1, the Perfect Timing rune has also bid farewell to Summoner’s Rift. Replacing the Perfect Timing Rune in the Inspiration tree is Triple Tonic, which gives a player three different boosts throughout the early game:

  • At level 3, gain an Elixir of Avarice: On use, gain 5 true damage on-hit against minions for 60 seconds. At the end of this effect, gain 40 gold.
  • At level 6, gain an Elixir of Force: On use, gain 20 Adaptive Force for 60 seconds.
  • At level 9, gain an Elixir of Skill: On use, gain a skill point.