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League of Legends Patch Notes: Patch 13.24 Rundown

New mid-laner Hwei comes to League of Legends as Patch 13.24 ends Season 13. We've got the patch summary here

Hwei Joins League of Legends in the Final Patch of Season 13

League of Legends Patch 13.24 will go live on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. This upcoming patch is a sizable one, so let’s get into everything coming to LoL on the final patch of Season 13.

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New Champion: Hwei, the Visionary

Patch 13.24’s main change to League will be the arrival of the MOBA’s 166th champion. Hwei is a mid lane mage-type champion whose basic abilities contain three separate abilities each. With a total of 10 abilities, Hwei continues the trend of recent years’ champion releases pushing the boundaries of what can be possible on Summoner’s Rift. For a full rundown of the Visionary’s abilities, click here.

New champion Hwei

Briar nerfs headline 12 champion adjustments

Until Hwei’s release, Briar is still the new champion on the block, and while she has received a few nerfs in the time since her release on September 27, the Restrained Hunger needs more fine-tuning. In his tweet previewing Patch 13.24’s champion adjustments, Riot Games Lead Gameplay Designer Matt “RiotPhroxzon” Leung-Harrison highlighted the focus of Briar’s changes in the upcoming patch.

Blair balance changes

“As mentioned yesterday, trying to narrow the gap between her overperforming Lethality builds and the worse performing Bruiser builds by converting some spells to magic damage,” he wrote. “Even though she's received a lot of nerfs in a row, it's mainly to keep up with her extremely steep learning curve.”

Other notable changes are a slight nudge in favor of K’Sante after his slew of nerfs on Patch 13.23 and some bug fixes for Vel’koz.

Season 14 item changes: No class left untouched

Patch 13.24 will be the debut of the item changes coming to League of Legends in Season 14. The items for every champion class have been adjusted for the new season, and Mythic items, which were introduced three years ago as the cornerstones for champion builds, have been removed entirely as an item tier. Stopwatch, the one-use stasis-giving item that has been a staple in professional play since its inception, has also been removed.

“Since mythic items were added to League, we’ve been unhappy with how items ended up being a larger percentage of the overall power budget than desired and overrode champion kits to an extreme degree,” said Nick “Riot Endstep” Frijia in a recent League of Legends developers update. “We’re looking to go back on this to allow the core gameplay of League to revolve around fulfilling champion fantasies.”

Stopwatch’s rune is being replaced by the Triple Tonic rune, which gives players access to three different elixirs at various XP checkpoints throughout the game. The Elixir of Avarice becomes available at Level 3, the Elixir of Force at level 6, and the Elixir of Skill – making its return to LoL for the first time since Patch 9.23 – is a wildcard rune capable of bestowing free skill points.


New winter Hecarim skin

The skins coming to League of Legends in Patch 13.24 are, in the majority, new skins in the Winterblessed line. Below is the full list:

  • Winterblessed Annie
  • Crystalis Motus Ashe
  • Winterblessed Camille
  • Prestige Winterblessed Camille
  • Winterblessed Hecarim
  • Winterblessed Hwei
  • Winterblessed Lucian
  • Winterblessed Senna
  • Winterblessed Sylas
  • Winterblessed Thresh

All images via Riot Games