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Melee God Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma is often called Clutchbox for his impressive rests as Jigglypuff and ability to make insane comebacks when the odds seemed stacked against him. But he’s never been more clutch than he was in a recent stream while playing Wordle.

Wordle is New York Times’ addictive word game where participants have to guess a five letter word in six guesses by eliminating letters in the alphabet. While it’s not too difficult to solve, most people get the word around the third or fourth guess.

While it’s all luck, the goal is to get the word as your first guess.

Hungrybox has been playing Wordle on Twitch with his followers between playing Melee and Ultimate. According to his in-game statistics, Hungrybox has played Wordle 137 times. He has a win rate of 99 and a max streak of 13.

He usually gets the word by his fourth guess, followed by the fifth guess. But on stream last night, Hungrybox did the unthinkable and got the Wordle in one guess by plugging in the word “RATIO.”

He immediately reacted with his signature over-the-top shock. But his followers were just as stunned, spamming his chat with emotes and exclamations.

On Twitter, Hungrybox’s fans were proud to witness such a moment (or devastated to have missed it). One fan called him the “Wordle speed running champion,” a funny sentiment after seeing Hungrybox’s wacky attempts at Mario 64 speed runs.

Another said: “I’ve never been a Clutchbox believer but this is insane.”

Hungrybox is known for his iconic reactions, most notably throwing a chair during a pop-off at a major tournament and passing out on stream after yelling over an online victory. Hungrybox haters have also ranted about his chaotic YouTube thumbnails, which have him with a wide open mouth and eyes popping out in alleged shock.

But to see Hungrybox popping off over a Wordle W was extremely hilarious.

Getting the guess on the first try was already crazy enough. But getting it off of the word RATIO had left the gaming community shooketh.

This is what happens when you’re on Twitter all the time. The use of the word RATIO has finally come in handy for Hungrybox. But what are the rest of y’all doing on Twitter all day? What has Twitter done for you?