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Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Reprints Are Coming Sooner Than Expected

The Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter reprint is coming sooner than expected.

Ravensburger previously announced that they would be reprinting the first Disney Lorcana set around the first few months of 2024. This followed a massive rush from collectors, scalpers, and competitive players alike, leaving Ravensburger unable to keep up with demand. Now, sources have revealed that the reprint is coming even sooner than previously reported. received a statement from Ravensburger that confirmed the First Chapter reprint would be coming out in November, around the same time as Rise of the Floodborn, the second set.

“To address increased demand following the game's initial launch, in September Ravensburger announced plans to reprint the first set of the Disney Lorcana TCG, The First Chapter. The reprint will also include the second set of the game, Rise of the Floodborn, and is expected to be available by Holiday 2023 in North America and by January 2024 in Europe,” the statement included.

The size of the reprint was not revealed, although Ravensburger said the goal is to “get as much product into the hands of fans as possible.” For now, the company is working with suppliers to increase production to better meet demand going forward. This includes booster packs, starter decks, and possible other product.

Where Will The First Chapter Reprints Be Sold?

Ravensburger did not reveal where the second set would be sent to, whether it was in-person Disney locations, mass retailers like Target, or local card shops. Ravensburger did state that “independent hobby retailers” are its “number one priority,” however, so you should expect to find more The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn packs at local card stores.

Will Disney Lorcana Second Set Change Value of Existing Cards?

One concern that many collectors had was that printing more of the cards would lower the value of the once-rare cards they pulled or purchased. Essentially, a lot of collectors put money and effort into getting these hard-to-come-by cards and were offended at the idea of more being printed.

Ravensburger has not commented on this issue yet. For now, collectors are hopeful that there will be something differentiating the first prints versus newer versions, similar to how there are 1st Edition Pokemon cards.