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How Locations Work in Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands

Into the Inklands will bring multiple new mechanics to Disney Lorcana including a brand new card type. We break down the new Location cards in Lorcana Set 3

Rise of the Floodborn just came out this month but Disney Lorcana fans are already actively discussing Into the Inklands, the next set. We were given a small taste of the set, which is introducing locations. Here’s what they are and how they work.

What Are Locations in Disney Lorcana?

Forbidden Mountan location card in Disney Lorcana

Into the Inklands has introduced a new type of card called locations. Ravensburger showed off one location card, which appears to be well-known spots from Disney television shows and movies.

Each location has an ink cost, for example, Forbidden Mountain — Maleficent’s Castle costs two ink to play. It also has a willpower symbol and a new symbol on the left side that nobody was quite sure about. But locations are sure to shake up the gameplay.

How Locations Work in Disney Lorcana

On Discord, Disney Lorcana developers discussed how locations work.

First, locations will enter play “active,” meaning they can be used the first turn they are put down. Characters that aren’t dried and are active can move onto locations, which activates their effects.

To move a character to a location, you need to pay the move cost of that specific location. That’s displayed on the left and above the rules text (the new symbol). Characters aren’t exerted when moved but they can only move between locations and not back onto the battlefield.

Location cards earn players lore at the beginning of their turn. This passive lore gathering will definitely make locations a big target. Opponents will have to damage them equal or more than the willpower to get locations banished. But locations will be exempt from card effects that specify characters. Characters will remain in play but will lose any of the effects they had while in the location.

Into the Inklands New Mechanics

Peter Pan Lost Boy Leader Dreamborn Lorcana card

To add to the locations, character cards in Into the Inklands will have abilities that are activated when they are on certain locations. That explains why some locations, like Forbidden Mountain, don’t have any effects written on them. Other cards will also interact with locations.

Some characters have been revealed already that show how they will interact with locations. For example, Peter Pan — Lost Boy Leader will gain lore equal to a location’s lore once per turn if he’s moved to that location. Minnie Mouse — Funky Spelunker gets plus two to her challenge amount when she is in a location.

Into the Inklands Release Date

Into the Inklands will come out on February 23, 2024. Fans of the card game are a bit worried that Ravensburger is changing and adding to the game too fast but this is all part of the publisher’s 10-year plan, which states there will be four core sets released every year.