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Disguised Toast Announces New Look and Merch for Esports Team, FGC Pro For 2024

Streamer turned esports entrepreneur Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang is bringing an entirely new look and the merch to match in 2024.

Disguised Toast has dedicated his time and money to his esports teams the last few years. It was a rocky start, with Disguised performing quite horrifically in Game Changers and VALORANT. Meanwhile, he spent over $1 million to keep it all functioning and ensure the pros were paid.

This all changed when Disguised won the 2023 NACL Summer Split, the streamer’s first major win. The massive success was an emotional one since Disguised Toast had shared his struggles and concerns with fans all along the way.

Disguised Toast Looking to Refresh Disguised in 2024

In an attempt to build up his community and recuperate some funds, Disguised Toast has announced a merch drop alongside a new DSG logo. While still hand drawn it’s a bit more elevated than before. Or “classy” as Disguised Toast called it.

Disguised esports team merch

“What does 2024 look like? There’s a tiny bit of good news. In the month of November, we actually made money. It wasn’t much, but hey. Having a month where I didn’t lose money is a huge win. I’m hoping 2024, we can break even,” Disguised Toast said.

The merch features DSG’s warm, muted color scheme in blocks so you’ll be able to clearly rep the brand. Disguised Toast said that it will represent the brand but “look nice” and be fashionable. He wasn’t comfortable selling merch despite all of the begging last year because he wanted to make sure he could make something he would actually wear — and it’s finally here in the form of a hoodie and three other pieces.

How to Buy Disguised Merch

The merch will be dropping this week at this official site. If you are a Patreon subscriber you can buy the merch 24 hours early, ensuring nothing sells out.

Disguised Content Coming in 2024

Disguised Toast is growing its presence next year so you may want to grab merch while you can. A new YouTube channel will be created specifically for his esports teams and they will also be on TikTok and other platforms.

The organization is also looking to get into more esports:

On top of that, Disguised Toast said he wants at least one fighting game pro since he has always loved the passion of the fighting game community.

He said: “I love the passion the fanbase has for fighting games and the passion the players themselves have for it. I want to create this idea that esports should be a passion thing first and a financial thing second. [...] At the end of the day, esports is a bunch of friends playing video games together trying to be the best in the world.”