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Escape From Tarkov: Arena — Gameplay, Presets, Game Modes, Ranks

Get full details on the gameplay, modes and expectations for the new competitive shooter esports title Escape From Tarkov: Arena

Escape From Tarkov is a survival game with a gritty, real feel that has fans anxiously awaiting its esports debut with Arena mode. Recently, developers hosted the first-ever Tarkov esports tournament with top teams competing in Arena before announcing the beta. Here’s everything we know so far about Escape From Tarkov: Arena.

What Is Escape From Tarkov: Arena?

Escape From Tarkov: Arena is a standalone game project from the developers of Escape From Tarkov that utilizes the same hardcore game mechanics and realistic gunplay as the popular survival game but in a new competitive FPS multiplayer game.

Escape From Tarkov: Arena Gameplay

Escape from Tarkov: Arena gameplay

Arena players face off in various arenas located around Tarkov. The battles are organized by a mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host. Arena will feature a variety of PvP and PvE game modes, allowing for competitive matches between players or opportunities to test your skills against AI.

Best Starting Presets in Arena

The best starting preset is Plaintain, which is available through the Scout class. It comes with a PP-91-01 Kedr with a 30-round magazine and 6B2 armor. You will deal a lot of flesh damage and excel at close range.

The Handler is the second best since most maps are focused on close-range combat. This preset has the MP5-K with 20-round magazines and uses the powerful 9x19 AP 6.3 ammunition. This light preset is great at engagement, both close and medium, and you have decent protection.

Will Escape From Tarkov: Arena Have Ranked Mode?

Arena battles are divided into two main types: Ranked and unranked. Train or play for fun in unranked matches or compete in ranked mode to fight for the title of “best fighter in the Arena.”

Like other shooters, your rank will be determined by the result of each ranked match and some “possible additional bonuses” like your specific performance. It will increase or decrease as you grind and attempt to climb the ladder. You will play with and against other players that have similar ranks, creating competitively viable and balanced matches.

Arena Ranks:

  • Marauder (D)
  • Jackal (D+)
  • Mercenary (C)
  • Fighter (C+)
  • Warrior (B)
  • Gladiator (B+)
  • Veteran (A)
  • Professional (A+)
  • Elite (S)
  • Whisper of Death (S+) - Top 1,000
  • Big Boss (S+) - Top 10
  • The Legend of the Arena (S+) - #1

Escape From Tarkov: Arena Game Modes

Here are the game modes we know of so far and a few unreleased ones:

  • Ranked: Balanced modes for fair matches
  • Unranked: Casual matches and Includes PvE modes
  • Shootout: Tournament: Six teams of two or four teams of three players compete in a round-robin style tournament. The two teams with the most victories will face off in the finals.
  • Teamfight: No One’s Left Behind: Two teams of five players fight for victory in up to seven rounds. The first team to score five round victories wins. Win a round by capturing the point.
  • Custom Games: Create matches with your own rules
  • Overrun: Cooperate or Die: This upcoming game mode features PvE missions for five players. You’ll need to clear waves of enemies and complete given objectives, then evacuate to a safe zone.
  • Last Hero: The Strongest Survives: Deathmatch between multiple players to get the most kills

Escape From Tarkov: Arena Release Date

Escape From Tarkov: Arena is currently out. It was released in December of 2023 but in DLC format. The full release will be sometime in 2024.