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Fortnite Festival Season 2 Patch Notes Feat. Lady Gaga

Fortnite Festival Season 2: Unlock Your Talent brings Lady Gaga and Chromatica to the battle-royale.

Fortnite Update Patch, Fortnite Festival Season 2, Lady Gaga Icon Series

  • Lady Gaga will be featured as the next Icon skin with her Chromatic Armor.
  • Fortnite Festival Season 2 is themed entirely around Lady Gaga and Unlocking Your Talent.
  • New Chromatic themed instruments, as well as both premium and free rewards can be unlocked by players.

Following the reveal of Lady Gaga becoming the new entry in the Fortnite Icon Series and bringing with her a live performance that will kick off Fortnite Festival Season 2, a slew of new leaks have hit social media. The new Fortnite Festival Season 2: Unlock You Talent Update will go live at 4 AM EST on Thursday, February 22nd and include a bunch of new content.

The Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass reward track in Fortnite, featuring Lady Gaga.

The Unlock Your Talent Festival Pass reward track in Fortnite, featuring Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga in Fortnite

Revealed first on Twitter via a throwback meme, Lady Gaga will be debuting in Fortnite as part of Season 2 of the Fortnite Festival. She will have her own Chromatic-themed Icon Skin and related cosmetics that can be purchased in the shop. Players can also progress a Festival Pass to unlock new instruments, Jam Tracks and more. The Festival Pass features both a track for free rewards and premium ones.

The premium Festival Track features Lady Gaga-themed instruments and the Enigmatic Gaga Outfit.

Players can view the Unlock Your Talent pass by entering the Lobby of a Fortnite Festival experience, through either the Main Stage or a Jam Stage. By checking out the Festival Pass tab players will find Festival Quests, and by completing these they can earn Festival Points and to gain levels and unlock rewards.

For more info on the rewards in the Festival Pass track, both free and premium, check it out here.

Chromatica Armor in the Fortnite Festival

The big draw for the Fortnite Festival Season 2 is the newest entry into the Icon skin collection with Chromatica Armor Outfit. Created by celebrity designer Cecilio Castrillo, the Chromatica Armor is a full black leather bodysuit reminiscent of the Chromatica tour. Players can find it in the Fortnite shop alongside Chromatic themed Bass, Mic, “Stupid Love” Jam Track and a Rain Check Emote.

Lady Gaga's Chromatica Armor skin in Fortnite Festival Season 2, designed by Cecilio Castrillo,

Lady Gaga's Chromatica Armor skin in Fortnite Festival Season 2, designed by Cecilio Castrillo,

Improvements and Fixes

Several improvements and fixes have also hit the game and can be found below.

  • Players can now use Jam Loops in the Main Stage Backstage, within Creative and UEFN experiences, and in UEFN’s Patchwork.
  • We’ve improved the usability of the Music Library within the Main Stage. Go take a look!
  • A new Season in Fortnite Festival means new Seasonal Leaderboards! The Season Two leaderboards are yours to climb.
    • We’ve captured your Season One scores and archived them, and plan to make them available to browse in a future update.
  • We also made updates to the placement and positioning when browsing Leaderboard high scores.
  • Eliminated instances where using Overdrive inadvertently caused streak breaks.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.
  • We’ve made several Jam Track improvements, let us know what you think!
    • OG Future Remix - Drums
      • Added Lift notes to groups of multiple 8th notes.
    • Go with the Flow - Drums
      • Added Lift notes in the chorus and the occasional double kick. Also added Lifts to the snare/kick verse to keep going with the flow.
    • Stitches - Lead
      • Added Lift notes to every group of three chords in a row.
    • Zombie - Lead
      • Some added Lifts in the intro.
    • Can't Feel My Face - Vocals
      • Added some Lifts to each instance of two 16th notes in the same lane.
    • Suddenly I See - Lead
      • Made adjustments to play more smoothly throughout.

Other Rumors and Leaks

Lady Gaga and the Fortnite Festival aren't the only updates that some fans are looking forward to. There have been a number of other leaks and rumors spreading across social media that suggest some new content and updates to other parts of the Fortnite Universe.

These leaks include a handful of new skins, emotes, bundles, and packs. With new cosmetics means an updated Item Shop Tab. New Crew Packs, as well as Unvaulted Weapons and Items and a brand new Fortnite LEGO Update.

These rumors will be confirmed one way or another on Thursday, February 22nd when the update launches.