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Lady Gaga is Coming to Fortnite Festival Season 2

Lady Gaga is the next major music star to join Fortnite and give a live performance with the season two Fortnite Festival.

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Performance Coming to Fortnite Festival Season 2 on February 22nd

  • Lady Gaga has announced that she will be performing in the upcoming Fortnite Festival Season 2.
  • The Pop-Star’s debut Fortnite Performance will happen live on February 22nd in the Fortnite Festival.
  • Speculation is that her performance will take inspiration and songs from her 2020 Chromatica Tour.

Good news for fans of Fortnite, Lady Gaga officially knows what it is now as she corrected her infamous “What is Fortnight?” tweet from 2019 with a quote tweet on February 20th. In the tweet she simply corrects her spelling to Fortnite. So what does this mean for the Epic-owned Battle Royale? The second season of Fortnite Festival is dropping soon and it’s going to be headlined by a live performance with Lady Gaga in Fortnite, following in the steps of artists like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and Billie Eillish.

Season 2 of the Fortnite Festival featuring Lady Gaga launches on February 22nd.

Lady Gaga corrects her infamous "What's fortnight" tweet from 2019.

Lady Gaga corrects her infamous "What's fortnight" tweet from 2019.

Lady Gaga’s Fortnite Festival

This isn’t Lady Gaga’s first foray with the Fortnite battle-royale, “Rain on Me” was featured in the game and played on car radios when players would drive them. Gaga’s Iconic “Bad Romance” was also added to the game as a Fortnite Festival track in season one.

But now the Pop Icon is taking her collaboration with Fortnite to the next level as she takes the stage and helps to usher in Season Two of the Fortnite Festival. This will include a live performance as artists in the past have done for the game, and likely a Lady Gaga battle pass-style skin and other cosmetics to purchase from the Fortnite shop.

While it’s unclear exactly what this collaboration could look like or entail, fans of Lady Gaga point out that the aesthetics of the announcement match with her 2020 tour of Chromatica.

What is the Fortnite Festival?

The Fortnite Festival launched back in December with a handful of other new game modes including a Rock Band-like rhythm game. Players can jam with one another to a plethora of tracks and songs from popular artists and buy more through premium packs, which come with additional cosmetics to show off in the game.

The Fortnite Festival game mode includes two ways for players to play, the Main Stage and the Jam Stage. Both are multiplayer and let players play music and jam together, with the Main Stage handling all of the licensed soundtracks and Fortnite originals. The Jam Stage is for players to play freely, create their own tracks and just have fun.

Lady Gaga hits the Fortnite Festival Stage on Thursday, February 22nd, so don’t miss out!