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How to Capture a Train in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

All aboard! Chapter 5 Season 1 has introduced trains that you can capture for extra loot. Here’s how to capture trains in the latest chapter.

Fortnite players are sad to see OG Fortnite go, but Chapter 5 Season 1 is bringing plenty of content to be excited for. This includes the moving trains found traveling around the map, which can be used as a quick escape or to even get extra loot. But to do that, you’ll have to capture it.

How to Capture Trains in Fortnite

When you drop in Fortnite, you’ll see the train continuously riding the rails around the map. It never stops so you’ll need to time your drop if you want to land on the train right away.

When you land on the train initially, you’ll more than likely come face to face with enemy NPCs. Once you take them down, you’ll be able to secure all of the loot on the train. This is often found in a loot chest, which can have strong weapons and useful items. It’s not the best loot you’ll come across in Fortnite but it’s better than common and uncommon weapons.

Invincible stealing a train in Fortnite

Locate the Train

The first step in capturing a train is to find it. There are several train stations on the map but it doesn’t really stop at any except Reckless Railways. You should try to locate that POI when you drop.

If you’re already on the map, you’ll be able to hear the train coming. If you don’t hear anything where you are, open your mini-map and search for the train icon. There will be an arrow next to the train icon that shows which direction it’s going on the tracks so you can better figure out where it’ll be.

How to Pull Off a Heist

Once you locate the train, you’ll need to stealthily land to not alert the guard NPCs. Make sure you’re armed and ready to take them down.

When the train is cleared of enemies, search for a black chest. You’ll need to hack the chest, which takes about 30 seconds. When the timer ends, you’ll get Epic to Legendary loot and a Mythic weapon. If you want utility items and uncommon weapons, check out the loot bags next to the train door.